Manning Arrested; Scrimmage Today

Another player, Ricky Manning, is arrested for fighting as the team prepares for the "final exam" of fall camp: the annual closed Rose Bowl scrimmage today...

Ricky Manning turned himself into police after a warrant was issued for him on felony assault charges Tuesday, according to UCLA.

Manning was arrested in connection to a fight that took place in Westwood last spring.

Bob Toledo said that Manning had informed him of the incident shortly after it occured and that he had been disciplined for the violation of team rules previously. Manning will remain on the team and play this season pending the outcome of the case.

The day has come that has been marked on the calendar of the UCLA coaches and players for some time. It's the annual closed scrimmage at the Rose Bowl. It's really the culmination of fall camp, sort of the final exam of fall practice, and a huge determining factor in the depth chart.

Bob Toledo cited a few positions that he thought today's scrimmage would impact the most: center, fullback, backup quarterback, weakside linebacker, safety, one corner spot, kickoff and punt returners.

About Spencer Havner and the weakside linebacker position: We want to see Havner do things. He injured his knee a little bit yesterday. So, I still want to see him perform. He's probably the frontrunner, but there are other guys, too. We'd move somebody over there if we had to, not that that's going to happen. I want to see Nick Carey and I want to see how Wesley Walker does."

About the defensive end spot opposite Dave Ball. "Well, all of those guys are going to play. We haven't determined who's going to start but they're all going to play."

Matt Moore, the true freshman quarterback, strained a knee as he was walking, and had it iced for the second half of practice. It was unknown whether he'd participate in today's scrimmage. If he's not able to participate in the scrimmage, Toledo said, "It'd be a setback for him, no question. He's been doing really well. We're really pleased with his progress. But he's done a lot of good things up until now, too, though. I'm very impressed with his ability and potential. He has a great temperament. He doesn't get ruffled."

It's uncertain whether a few players will participate in the scrimmage today, and Toledo said that this morning's injury report will dictate who does.

Toledo said that he intends to scrimmage more live – rather than just "thud," which is scrimmaging without full tackling -- at the Rose Bowl scrimmage than they have in the past. "I need to see more to make some decision," Coach Toledo said.

Two walkon players have started to make some noise in practice. Sophomore defensive tackle Matt Kocher was working with the second team defensive line, and the UCLA coaches think he has a chance to contribute down the line. Also, redshirt freshman tailback Justin Domineck, who wears the very familiar #26, has made a few standout plays recently, including a nice burst up the middle for a touchdown in practice yesterday.

Shane Lehmann, the redshirt junior offensive lineman, has sat out practice recently with a groin pull. That, and the emergence of other offensive lineman, looks to move Lehmann down the depth chart.

Tuesday afternoon's practice was good – not as efficient as it had been for most of the week at Cal Lutheran, but an improvement on Monday's practice. The defensive intensity seemed wilted a bit, again mostly attributed to fatigue from the two-a-day practices. Cory Paus threw the ball fairly well Tuesday. A few other standouts were Ryan Boschetti on the defensive line, making a few great plays, including what would have been a tackle for loss. Junior Taylor made a good catch of a Paus throw. Marcus Cassel again had a few nice moments in coverage. Drew Olson threw pretty well, including a very nice 40 yard strike to Jacques Lazarus. It was probably the best catch Lazarus has made since he's been at UCLA, and in fact, he practice fairly well, showing some nice explosion.

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