Dorrell Fires Svoboda, Looks For New OC

Jim Svoboda, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, was fired by Head Coach Karl Dorrell, it was announced today. Dorrell talked about the move in a teleconference just a few minutes ago, discussing the process he'll go through to fill the position...

Karl Dorrell's opening statement:

"I had a chance to visit with Jim (Svoboda) yesterday. We decided to go in a different direction offensively.  I think this season was a good season in a lot of respects, but probably we didn't perform as well to my expectations. I need to coach better. I know that. It starts with me. That's the first part that I looked at, was myself. Then as I evaluated the staff and went through the process of talking with everybody in our program, I felt it was necessary for a change to be made at this point. That's what we did. We're looking forward to keep building and growing as an offense. I feel confident that we're a team coming back with experience and our expectation of ourselves that we're going to make a big jump this season to doing some improvement. I decided to make this change particularly, to give us some new leadership on that side, and build on 2007."

Is there any consideration for you to be the offensive coordinator next season?

"There's some, yeah. That's something I've thought about heavily over since the bowl game. That's part of the consideration as well. But I'm also looking at some outside candidates as well. We'll just see how things work out."

Is there a timetable for you to fill the position?

"It's going to be really important that I make a great decision on this. With all the different options I have, I believe I do have some time to really go through the process in meeting with people and getting to know potential candidates, and putting together a great staff. I was able to do that with a great deal of success on the defensive side, and I'm sure that I'll be able to find a great candidate that can help us and lead us on the offensive side. So, there's no timetable."

Will the candidates have to have the same offensive philosophy that you follow?

"You want some continuity. But I wouldn't say that's the overall key. But continuity is always good, if you can find the right fit. I'm looking for just a great leader, a guy that has that experience and has had success in his career, and is ready to take another big step in his career."

Will the West Coast Offense still be the base, in a sense?

"We'll see about that. I'm always looking for doing what's necessary for us to be competitive on offense. I think we have a foundation of offense that we do, and that foundation allows us to grow and add and implement things for improvement. I'm receptive to do what's necessary for us to continue to improve."

Will there be any other staff changes? Could the new OC bring in new assistants?

"You never know, given what happened a year ago. I'm not anticipating any, but those things do happen from time to time, with opportunities for people to elevate themselves, with NFL opportunities, and things of that nature. Who knows? But we'll work through the process on how to hire the best coordinator I can, and then work from there."

How did Svoboda take it?

"Like most people would be, he's disappointed. He's done a great job with the quarterbacks, and he's helped us to this point in terms of the process of building our program. So I'm very appreciative of his efforts and what he's done for us."

Will the new OC have to coach the quarterbacks as well?

"I don't know. I'm not going to get all into that. We don't know for a fact about that. I'm going to find the best candidate for us first and foremost, and then we'll see how we can fit the puzzle together."

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