Moorpark Receiver Visited UCLA Officially

Josh Smith, the 6-2, 190-pound receiver from Moorpark (Calif.) High, told us his visit to UCLA a few weekends ago was indeed an official visit. Smith, who is verbally committed to Colorado, is the uncle of elite junior running back Darrell Scott...

Despite having 10 commitments for this class, and nine scholarships to give, UCLA continues to be aggressive in recruiting, and recently had Moorpark (Calif.) receiver Josh Smith (6-2, 190) in for an official visit.

Previous reports weren't certain if the visit was official, but Smith confirmed that it was.

Smith has committed to Colorado but UCLA had been showing interest in him prior to his verbal and he had reciprocal interest in the Bruins.

"It was a nice trip," said Smith. "I am looking at UCLA a little more closely. I feel like I'm still solidly committed to Colorado but I'm keeping an open mind. I'm definitely stressing even though I feel like it's not worth stressing about. It's still like my birthday, I get to make the wish, I get to make the pick and I have a lot to smile about since I get to choose between the two."

Smith said UCLA has offered him as a receiver and kick returner, positions he played for the Musketeers this past season. A Florida native, Smith has only been at Moorpark for the past two years. He is originally from St. Petersburg, and he thought the move to California helped his recruitment.

"I feel like you get a lot more looks being out of this area," said Smith.

On his UCLA visit, Smith was hosted by another Southern native. "Chris Markey was my host and it was a cool because he's a Louisiana guy and I'm a Florida guy," said Smith. "We enjoyed the Saints game (against Philadelphia) and hung out with some other guys watching it. Coach Dino Babers and Coach D.J. McCarthy are recruiting me."

Smith committed to Colorado in late November but said most of the Pac-10 had been recruiting him. "A lot of the schools wanted to make sure I was going to go to their school so I was up front with them when I was being recruited that I didn't want to go to their school and not play," said Smith. "If I was going to go there, I wanted to get on the field."

Part of the reason Smith believes he didn't get more offers was Moorpark's offense emphasizing the run, which isn't difficult to do when you have perhaps the #1 running back in the country for the class of 2008, Darrell Scott.

"Darrell got a lot of carries, a lot of carries, so we didn't throw as much," said Smith.

But there isn't even the slightest animosity between the two. In fact, there's a familial bond. Scott is Smith's nephew and Smith lives with Scott and his family.

With Scott having 20 offers, including one from UCLA and Colorado, both of the schools that Smith is still considering, have the two discussed playing together in college? "Me and Darrell would love to see that happen," said Smith. "I had a nice amount of offers and Darrell, he has a whole lot of offers and he is going to go with the best place for him. If I went to a school that he likes, there is a chance he could come and visit and I could be his host and convince him to come. I shouldn't be shocked if that was to happen."

Scott was present for much of Smith's visit to UCLA, which is permissible by NCAA rules since he's a relative. It was a smart move by UCLA; Even if the Bruins don't get Smith, it gave them a chance to have Scott for an unofficial visit, even if it was just his uncle's.

Smith has exceptional speed, running a 4.46 forty. During his senior year for Moorpark, he had 522 yards receiving and scored nine touchdowns while also picking off six passes on defense.

He is fully qualified academically.

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