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We're ready to move on to the class of 2008, so here's an early look at the top 100 playes in the class, including many UCLA prospects like defensive back Rahim Moore, running backs Darrell Scott and Milton Knox, quarterbacks Landry Jones and Dane Crist, and a linebacker from Kansas... National Top 100 - '08

Here we are less than two days before National Signing Day for the Class of 2007. It's been a wild and crazy recruiting season once again with this super crop of high school football talent. Surely there are more surprise to come between now and at the end of this Wednesday.

With that said, it's never too late to look at the rsising seniors. Here is the third version of the National Top 100 for the Class of 2008.

Once again, it's going to be a fascinating recruiting season. It looks like this group is deep and talented, especially at the wide receiver position.

"Two things really standout to me about this class of 2008 and that is variety and the big wide receivers," said Bob Lictenfels of "One position does not necessarily dominate the others because there is talent spread around at almost every position. I believe when all is said and done the class of 2008 will be remembered as the year of the big receiver. I'm not sure there has ever been a year with so many talented receivers who top the 6-foot-2 mark. It's not just one region either, they are everywhere across the nation."

This is especially true in the Southeast region, where the nation's top offensive prospect could be one of three guys from four different states.

"The South is extremelly deep at the wide receiver position in the Class of 2008," said Miller Safrit, Southeast Recruiting Analyst for "As many as four states could have its top prospect coming from the position, including DeAndre Brown (Ocean Springs, Miss.) in Mississippi, Julio Jones (Foley, Al.) in Alabama, Aldarius Johnson (Miami, Fla.) in Florida, and A.J. Greene (Summerville, S.C.) in South Carolina. All four will be battling for the top spot in the Southeast Top 100 next May, although Patrick Johnson (Pompano Beach, Fla.) from Florida, Daquan Bowers (Bamberg, S.C.) from South Carolina, and Toby Jackson from Georgia will be right up there at the top as well."

Meanwhile, it's another deep and talented year out west, where the top prospect could be a big running back named Darrell Scott.

"The West doesn't have the franchise quarterbacks in the class of 2008 like it did in 2007 with Jimmy Clausen and Aaron Corp, but it doesn't lack for offensive starpower," said Brandon Huffman, West Recruiting Analyst for "The running back crop in California may be the best its been since Reggie Bush, Maurice Jones-Drew and Chauncey Washington in the class of 2003. Darrell Scott is at Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure after leaving Moorpark and is the top player in the West in this class. Marselius Williams (Sacramento, Calif.), the younger brother of Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams and and Milton Knox from Birmingham in Van Nuys could end up Los Angeles' all-time leading rusher."

Let's not forget about the Long Star State and the Big 12 region. Once again, Texas is loaded and it's loaded up front.

"Texas is once again loaded with top notch offensive lineman," said Jeremy Patterson, Southwest Recruiting Analyst for "It was said that the class of 2007 offensive lineman in Texas was the best the state had seen in a decade, but the 2008 class is going to rival it." Bob Lichtenfels handles the midwest and east for He has been blown away by a defensive prospect from Kansas and the verstality in the East.

"I think Arthur Brown (Witchita, Ks.) is the best linebacker in the country that I have seen so far," said Lichtenfels. "He is absolutely vicious and plays the game with bad intentions. Brown is just sick.

"Overall the East has their share of talent with such prospects as Terrelle Pryor (Jeanette, Pa.), Will Hill (Jersey City, N.J.) and Josh Haden (Fort Washington, Md.). All of these guys are tremendous athletes that could play a variety of positions at the next level." National Top 100 - '08

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