Dorrell on the 2007 Class

UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell spoke about his newest recruiting class on Wednesday, calling it the "best class" since he's been in Westwood and highlighting the quality of the class, despite the small numbers...

The opening statement is quality!

A year ago when we had a chance to get some depth in our program with 13 offensive and defensive linemen. This class that enters this fall is going to be the quality playmakers in our program. This class is our best so far since I've been here. I like the way we finished and we're headed in the right direction.

We had to put some targets on some guys earlier. We landed the guys we wanted to early with Brian Price and Raymond Carter and we followed it up with some quality picks that were very important for us in this class.

Dorrell on each recruit:

Akeem Ayers is a very athletic linebacker/defensive end. I see his future as being a strong playmaker for us like Bruce Davis is now. Who knows about his growth potential. He made plays all year and made critical plays in their championship efforts.

Raymond Carter has the growth potential to be an every down back, which we haven't had since I've been here. Maurice Drew was a player I love and has been doing well in the NFL and Chris Markey did a good job for us this year, but Carter is the prototypical back that we've been looking for since I took over.

Nate Chandler is a very athletic tight end with good ball skills and he's got good size already. Now, he's a 6-5, 250-pound kid for us who has a chance to help us early on in his career at UCLA so he's a very important get for us.

Justin Edison was our last addition to the class. We discovered him as we were watching Akeem. He doesn't have a lot of football background but really came on his senior year and has a lot of upside and is a good athlete. I see a lot of football in his future.

Chris Forcier is our quarterback. He's very athletic and runs very well. He'll run as well as anyone in terms of his speed and his athleticism. The future (of football) is you'll have to have mobile quarterbacks and he'll do it with his feet and arms.

Mike Harris came in what wasn't supposed to be an offensive lineman class for us, but he had a lot of intangibles we didn't see last year. He's a big kid, a big-boned kid and has a chance to be a very good football player for us.

Glenn Love is a prototypical style safety that I was used to playing with when I was here like James Washington, Donnie Rogers and Eric Turner in his size. He's got great balhawking ability, getting a lot of interceptions and he blocks PAT's. He too doesn't have a lot of football in his background, but has a lot of football way ahead of him.

Brian Price is one of our earliest commits and I think you all know about his attributes. He's an extremely good football player, a great defensive tackle and we're proud to have him become the leader of this class.

Steve Sloan is a tenacious, hard-hitting, physical type of player we're trying to build our program with and will do good things at linebacker.

Courtney Viney is a very good cover corner with cat-quick instincts and skills. He's been an early commit and he's not the biggest guy but makes up for it in his quickness and cover skills.

On immediate playing time for the freshman:

That's hard to answer. We're going to be a very good football team with a lot of guys coming back. Some of these guys will fit the bill for us.

On what position could have freshman playing:

The secondary given we only have three corners back from last year, Alterraun Verner being the third, and we have Michael Norris coming back. It's hard to say though we have some good experience and we have some depth and we will be a year better. This class will fill the gaps after this year when we lose a lot of guys and help us and help sustain a level of play.

On the size of the class:

It's hard for us to be a highly ranked classes because of the number size but with average rankings we‘re top 10. It's an important class and we got the 10 we needed. We targeted guys early and were fortunate to have a really good start. And we closed really well. Justin Edison has a chance to be as good as any of them because of his learning curve. And with Glenn Love, I haven't seen guys like him in our program with his size since I played and he's another guy who doesn't have a lot of experience. We have players with a high football IQ.

On losing Chris Conte to Cal on Signing Day:

We found out this morning that a player was going to sign with another school. Those things happen but we got exactly the numbers we were targeting to get and maybe one more because we were recruiting a class of nine and ended up with 10.

On where the extra scholarships came from: Because of Robert Kibble. We gained a scholarship with a couple of guys who had injuries . Chris Johnson, he will stay in school but no longer play (because of a career-ending shoulder injury). On when they will turn their focus to the class of 2008:

It starts really today. Next year, we'll have a big class. We'll be bringing a big recruiting class in.

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