Bragg: "Bring Excitement"

The swift and shifty sophomore wide receiver, Craig Bragg, talks how the team has superstars ready to break out, and his goal to bring excitement to the offense this season...

How good do you think this team is?

"The team overall has taken strides to improve since last year. We're a lot better than people think. We have a lot of big shoes to replace from last year, but we have some guys who people just don't really well right now who have some pretty big shoes of their own."

Is it better with lower expectations, as opposed to the high expectations going into the season last year?

"I think it's just different. This year we know we have to step up our game every week. Last year we had to avoid overlooking teams, but this year we're definitely not going to overlook anyone. So, is this position, these expectations, easier? I can't say that. Because we still have high expectations. We all expect to do really well. But I think the expectations and the rankings and things are based so much on what team has superstars that people know. They're not thinking about the overall talent on a team. But it's probably good. I guess we could catch some teams by surprise."

Do you think this team is as talented as last year?

"I do. It is just a matter of new faces. The guys you might have known from last year graduated, but there are guys who are ready to step up. It's not like we don't have talent. We just have talent that people haven't heard of yet."

You're still only a redshirt sophomore, but do you feel older and more experienced?

"I feel a lot more like a veteran now. Last year, I was moved around to a lot of positions to get me the opportunity to get me the ball. I had to know what I was doing at every different position. But this year, I know everything, I know where I'm going to be, so I can just worry about making plays instead of making sure I know where I'm supposed to be. Just getting the game experience I had last year makes such a difference. You know what to expect."

What do you think about the receiving corps?

"We're definitely a lot more experienced than last year at wide receiver. Tab Perry, myself and Ryan Smith are all coming back, and we got a lot of experience last year. Cory Paus has the most experience out of all of us, so he can make sure we all know what we're doing and where to go. As far as talent-wise, we're always going to have that. I'd match us up against any secondary. Plus we practice against a great secondary, the best."

Who's the toughest to go against?

"Ricky Manning and Matt Ware, Matt Clark and Joe Hunter, Ben Emanuel, they're all tough to go against. I don't think we're going to see anybody better than that. So, if we can make plays against our own guys we're pretty good."

How's the injury?

"Oh, it's just a little nagging hamstring. I should be allright, though. I was the only receiver that's been healthy, so I guess it's my turn. And if it's just this small thing, that's fine. But it's not big, and it's just precautionary."

What are your personal goals for the season?

"I talked to Coach Toledo about my personal goals. I want to score 12 touchdowns this year, one a game at least. I want to bring what I do best to the team, which is excitement, explosive ability. This year I want to do it on a more consistent basis than I did last year. That's what the team is looking for me to do and that's what I want to bring to this team."

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