Short List of Top National JRs

It's mid-February and the evaluation phase for all the top college football prospects among the Class of 2008 is well underway. The prospect rankings are still a few months away but here's an early peek at five of the top candidates for the nation's top college football prospect. These guys really jump out at you...

Arthur Brown (MLB)
6-2, 225
Wichita (Ks.) East
Brown is an athletic and speedy middle linebacker prospect with good size. The first thing that jumps out at you while watching film is his sheer speed, quickness and aggressiveness. Brown is a sideline to sideline 'backer in every sense of that phrase. He flys around the field with very little regard to his body or the opposition. Brown is extremely physical. He supports the run exceptional well, fills the hole and fights off blocks to find the ball. Brown shows great instincts for the position as it seems like he is just turned loose on every play. Brown is the most explosive linebacker since Ernie Sims.

Like Sims was in high school, Brown is also a very good running back. He is a north-south back that runs with tremendous power and suprisingly good speed with the ability to break the big run. Brown is also a standout blocker and has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

UCLA is on Brown's early list.

Video – Arthur Brown

A.J. Green (WR)
6-4, 190
Summerville (S.C.)
Green is arguably the top wideout in an unbelievable wide receiver class among his '08 peers. He has great size and good speed and quickness. Green has soft hands and super body control. He is dominant in the air and shows excellent concentration. Green has natural instincts for the position. He can make the tough catch look so easy. Green has the ability to get behind the secondary and he will certainly go over the middle. He also has the ability to make people miss and is a red-zone threat. Green is just one of those prospects that makes everything he does look so effortless.

Video – A.J. Green

Terrelle Pryor (QB)
6-6, 210
Jeannatte (Pa.)
Pryor has got to be considered the top two sport star in the Class of 2008. Not only is he one of the top quarterback/athletes in the nation but he is also one of the top basketball recruits as well. Pryor has great size and good quickness and speeed. He shows a good arm and great athletic ability in the pocket. He is a "Vince Young" type of signal caller in that is very dangerous in the open field because he has the ability to make a move or run right through would be tacklers. As a passer Pryor shows a good arm and can throw with accuracy and touch.

Defensively, he has the body type for a future defensive end because he is tall, long (arm) and very athletic. Pryor is very good in pursuit and is quick coming off the edge.

Video - Terrelle Pryor

Darrell Scott (RB)
6-1, 205
Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure
Scott is a running back with excellent size and good speed. He runs hard between the tackles and has the ability to make you miss or run right through you. Scott has good balance and vision. He also shows the speed to break out wide. Scott also has nice leg drive and the ability to move a pile. He is also a patient runner who will wait and let his blockers set things up before he hits his "fast" gear. For a back his size he has surprising quickness.

UCLA will be battling it out with some of college football's heavy hitters for Scott's services.

Video – Darrell Scott

R.J. Washington (DE)
6-4, 235
Keller (Texas) Fossil Ridge
Washington is much like the standout defensive ends in the Class of 2007. He has great size and speed. Washington is cat quick off the edge and a dynamite pass rusher. At times he also shows great strength and can be powerful and down right overwhelming at the point of attack. Washington plays at 100 mph and is relentless, especially going after the quarterback. He uses his hands well and sheds blockers quickly.

Video – R.J. Washington

So who will be No. 1 prospect when we come out with our initial rankings this spring? It's hard to say because it's so early right now but today my vote would go for Arthur Brown. He is the most athletic and aggressive linebacker I have seen since Sims. Stay tuned because the early evaluation phase is the best part of the reruiting process because you see most of these blue-chip prospects for the very first time.

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