Tuesday's Practice, Toledo Comments

Head Coach Bob Toledo talks about the game on Saturday against Colorado State, the Shane Lehmann incident, and whether the off-the-field incidents are a distraction...

Tuesday's practice saw the team looking sharper, while instituting more of the game plan for Colorado State. 

Cory Paus continued to look fairly strong Tuesday, hitting his receivers well. Craig Bragg made a pretty catch of a throw by Paus up the sideline, looking back over his opposite shoulder to make the catch. 

The defense looked impressive in the 7-on-7 defending against the pass.  Joe Hunter had two interceptions for the practice, even though cornerback coach Littlejohn still rode him about his technique. Justin London got some time working in with the first team defense, as did Jarrad Page.

Marcus Reese practiced and said that he's fine and ready to play on Saturday. We'll have a full interview with him very soon.

Shane Lehmann was sentenced to 30 days of community service and three years of informal probation for the spring incident.

Head Coach Bob Toledo's comments:

On Shane Lehmann's suspension...

"It was something that happened last spring, the third week in May. I knew about it. He came in and told me about it the next day. He had been working at the establishment, as basically security, but not that night, but he was there. The manager had a problem and he wanted to help. The problem was I guess a guy threw a punch so he threw a punch back. He worked at that establishment. As soon as it happened, Coach Weber and I grabbed him and said, you have to quit your job, and he did. I've told our players now that they can't do that type of employment at those types of establishment. And I've banned them from going to certain places in town. They can no longer go to certain places. It's an old incident. He pled a misdemeanor because he wanted to get it over with."

Where did he work?

"You might want to ask him. A place in Westwood."

How many places are they banned from?

"Places I've told them about. I don't want to get into that either. I'm not going to give you a number. There are just certain places I don't want them to frequent."

So, they're not allowed to work as a bouncer/security person anywhere?

"Correct. And all the players I've banned from going to certain places. They have just continued to be a problem for us."

But wasn't he probably not going to play this week anyway?

"He was questionable anyway but now he's going to be suspended. The doctors and trainers said he can play now, though. He was down on the scout team today working out."

Does this get you sidetracked when preparing for a game?

"Hey we have a 100-something football players and a 100 of them are doing a darn good job. Those are the guys I want to focus on at this point. And we're going to try not to be distracted by all of these things and focus on the game because that's what we want to do. We're going to play a game and not be concerned about the off-the-field incidents. We're going to put that behind us.

Is it something that will distract the team?

No, because it happened last spring. Some of the players already knew about it. And I knew about it. There wasn't a police officer there. Again, I don't want to get into details, but I believe there was a sheriff there that saw the incident and basically knew that Shane was probably innocent. There was no police report. There weren't police there. Nobody was arrested. Nobody was booked. None of that stuff."

Last week when asked about possibly other situations that hadn't come to light you said no comment. Are there any more situations pending that we don't know about?

"Not that I'm aware of."

How advantageous is it for Colorado State that they've played two games already?

"I think it's a huge advantage. Having played two games, they're in game-playing shape. We haven't been in a game, obviously. Talking about game management, substitutions, kicking game, tackling people, all of those have a part to play in your first game, and it will be our first and their third. So, they definitely have a huge edge."

Did how well Colorado State do against Colorado surprise you?

"Didn't surprise me. They won three of their last four. They're a good football team. I think I tried to tell people that in the off-season. Sometimes people don't know that much about college football unless they're in the coaching profession or you're a true fan and you realize how good they really are. I knew it'd be a very good football game. They were just two good teams playing. They did a good job and won the game."

What are the keys to the game for you?

"The key is probably not to beat ourselves. You look at Virginia and you look at Colorado, and they had an interception each and numerous fumbles. And they got hurt in the kicking game. Virginia fumbled a punt. And then they returned a long punt against Colorado. So, those are the things that the concern."

Did Cory Paus know that you would be using the second-string quarterback in the second quarter?

"I talked to him about it this summer actually. He knew about it a long time ago, that one of the freshmen, whether it was Sciarra, Olson or Moore, was going to play in the second quarter because we don't have a quarterback that's been in a game outside of Cory. So I want to get a guy some experience. So, when we get into league games if something does happen to Cory at least we have some guys that have taken some snaps. Once we get into league, he's not coming out until the game's decided or he gets hurt. It's not a quarterback controversy. It's something to help our team. It's not like a couple of years ago when we played two quarterbacks because we didn't know which one was the best. We're going to get another guy some game experience so if Cory gets hurt we have another guy who has taken a snap."

Have you seen a difference in Paus this fall?

I've seen maturity, and his experience show through. I've seen him be a little quicker, a little more athletic. I think he worked on that in the off-season, to get himself in good shape. He's moving around a little better."

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