Love Answers Some Questions

Over the course of the next few months, we're going to try to maintain an e-mail correspondence with UCLA-committed Kevin Love, the top-ranked post player in the nation, asking him our questions and yours. Here are the first few questions Love answered for us this week about coming to UCLA...

Kevin Love, the 6-9 senior from Lake Oswego (Ore.) High, is probably the most highly-rated recruit to come to UCLA since Baron Davis.

Love will arrive in Westwood this summer, and we're going to try to maintain an e-mail correspondence with him until then, asking him a few questions periodically.

If you have a question for Love, please e-mail us at There is no guarantee we will use your question.

What have you done, and what are you going to do, to improve your game before you get to UCLA? What are your plans for coming to Westwood in the summer?

"I've worked hard on conditioning, my outside game, quickness, and switching out on guards...along with honing the other parts of my game. I can't wait to get to Westwood in July to work with (UCLA conditioning coach) Doc Kries, who I love to death. I will also be taking a couple of classes, and playing at the Men's Gym."

Have the UCLA coaches given you anything to work on?

"Coach Howland, Coach Keating, Coach Daniels, Coach Garson and Coach Carlson haven't given me anything to work on. Guess they must think I'm the perfect player? Coach Howland did tell me that he wanted me to take the three whenever I'm open, and wants me to shoot the trail three. I've watched every UCLA game this year, and I can't wait to play with the guys. I hope that Arron (Afflalo) comes back because we could do some legendary things together, but he's just so good that I understand if he leaves."

What are you thinking about staying multiple years at UCLA?

"For years everybody has asked me if I was going pro out of high school. It was never a big deal to me. I was flattered, but my mom always wanted me to play college ball and experience everything there. My parents would love me to play 4 years. I will only go pro if I was a high lottery selection. I've discussed it a lot with my good friend, Kevin Durant. We text and talk a few times a week. I always bust Kevin because I've always dominated him. He's such a great player. My dad says he reminds him of his former teammates, Connie Hawkins with the Lakers and George Gervin with the Spurs."

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