The Radovich Plan

The elite offensive line recruit from Mission Viejo, Drew Radovich, has a pretty good grasp of how he wants to handle his recruiting. He did say that he has two current favorites among the four he's seriously considering. But he said if UCLA offered it could change things...

Drew Radovich, 6-5, 275, Mission Viejo (Calif.) High, said he has four schools he's considering – Washington, Colorado, USC and UCLA.

"Right now, among those four, I'd say Colorado and Washington are my favorites," Radovich said.

When asked if a UCLA offer would change things, Radovich said, "It'd make a difference. They could be among those."

Radovich is considered the best offensive lineman in California by TheInsiders, and has said previously he was a UCLA fan growing up. He now hedged a bit on that. "I liked UCLA, yeah, but I also liked Arizona State. I probably grew up mostly an ASU fan. My dad played there."

The biggest factors in Radovich's decision are: "How long the head coach will be there. So coaching security. And then it's the offensive line coach. How I get along with him and do I like his style of play."

Location isn't that big of a consideration. "I mean, I'm not going far away to school. I'm not going to Florida State or Miami. My parents would like me to stay in California. But they'll support whatever decision I make. Colorado and Washington aren't far."

With a rush of phone calls – from college coaches and reporters – in the last week, Radovich said that if he knows where he wants to go he might want to get the decision over with quickly. "I want to take my trips. But if it gets hectic, I may decide soon after I finish my trips."

Radovich said he's shooting to take three trips, but if it demands it, he'll take five. "I hope I wouldn't have to take all five, though." When asked what schools he'd visit, in priority, he said, "The visits I'd take, in order, would be Washington, Colorado, Oregon, UCLA and then USC. I'd take Oregon right now over the local schools for a trip because it'd give me a chance to see another place."

He is going to the UCLA/Colorado State game on Saturday. He didn't go to the USC/Auburn game because he had football practice that day. Colorado, one of his top schools, comes to town to play USC next Saturday, and then UCLA on the 21st. "Yeah, I'm definitely going to try to make at least one if not both of those games," Radovich said. "I wish I could sit on the Colorado side for one of those games at least for a while, but the rules say you can't."

Radovich said he has a 2.87 GPA and scored a 960 on his SAT.

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