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It's our continuing feature -- an on-going email exchange with incoming Bruin Kevin Love, asking asking him our questions and yours. Love e-mailed us from the Roundball Classic, and answered some of your latest questions, about his workout regimen, his outlet passes in college, and elite junior prospect Jrue Holiday...

Kevin Love, the 6-10 high school senior from Lake Oswego (Ore.) High who many consider the best prospect in the nation, is coming to UCLA in the fall of 2007.

Love has been exchanging e-mails with us, answering many questions from BRO readers. Here's his latest e-mail:

"I'm here in Chicago for the Roundball Classic. What a great time. We just got back from this incredible dinner cruise around Chicago. It was really special. Two bands onboard, one hip-hop, and one standards. We ate lunch at Harry Carey's restaurant today, then we were off to practice.

"O.J. Mayo and I are rooming together. Great guy!

"We are leaving here on Wednesday for Memphis, for the USA Basketball game on Saturday. Just getting over the Bruin loss to Florida. I was trying to fit through the TV...wanted to help so badly.

"As to your questions..."

Has Howland talked to you about how you'd fit into the offense? Can you see how you might bring another dimension to the offense?

"After the Oakland game in December, Coach Howland invited my family into his office. He was still on a buzz from the win. He told me that he wants to do a lot of handoffs, and pick-and-pops. He told me when I have the 3 that I should take it. He was going over the offense pretty well. He said that if they double me, the passing options are endless. No doubt with Darren (Collison), Josh (Shipp), Russell (Westbrook), Michael (Roll), Drago (Nikola Dragovic), James (Keefe), Chace (Stanback) and hopefully Arron (Afflalo) back."

Do you think your outlet passes will be as effective in college as they are on the high school level?

"Even more so in college. So many high school courts are shorter. You rarely get a regulation court. We are lucky to have one at L.O., but they are rare. If you've watched our AAU games, I'm good for about 6 outlets a game. Luckily I've had the benefit of Brandon Jennings, Malik Story, Daniel Hackett, and yes, even Taylor King running out. Can you imagine how sick it will be to have Darren, Luc (Richard Mbah a Moute), Russell, Arron, Chace, Mike, and James running out? If they release, I will find them."

What do you think are some of the primary adaptions you'll have to make in college?

"Many people say that the difference is the speed of the game. I'm not so sure about that, because I've played against fast, quick competition in AAU ball. I feel that I'm ready, and have been for a long time. I would have to say that my biggest challenge will be time management. We have a very tough high school academically, so hopefully it will help me adjust."

What would be your ideal weight by next October?

"I will probably drop a few pounds, but it will be distributed differently. I am coming in July to start working with (IUCLA strength and conditioning coach) Doc Kries. He is just the best."

Do you think you still need to lose weight, or get in better condition?

"What do you want, a basketball player or a bodybuilder? If you want a bodybuilder, go google Kevin Love, the bodybuilder. But he sure isn't going to pass the ball, play dirty inside, shoot the 3, and throw outlets. Enough with this these athletic references. Do you want to win basketball games or look pretty on the beach?

"My Southern California All-Star team didn't lose one game this year when I was playing. We went 45-0. Ask Brandon Jennings and Daniel Hackett how athletic I am. Ask Renardo Sidney. Ask O.J. Mayo, Michael Beasley, Eric Gordon or Derrick Rose. Ask them how I was the one with juice left with 2 minutes to go in the 4th. Ask Taylor King, Kam Brown, Travis Wear, David Wear, Alex Jacobson, and Andy Brown about my athleticism. Get out there on the court with me and try to keep up.

"I am a CORE training disciple. If you ever saw one of my workouts, you'd get tired watching. My conditioning is fine. I may not run downcourt on every play, but go try and expend the energy I do with three guys on my back, holding, clawing, and grabbing me. I will continue to work on my cardio...but I'm not going to sprint downcourt for show. I will always trail. Is it rational to bust downcourt after I throw the outlet? If you watched the McDonald's game, I had a few trail baskets. It all depends on what Coach Howland asks me to do."

What are some of the things that you think Coach Howland can teach you to improve your game?

"That's a question that maybe you should ask Coach Howland. I'm curious what he wants me to improve on for the offensive end. I think I've proven that I have that pretty well covered. Obviously, defensive theory. I am a good defensive player, switch well, and play solid in the paint. I don't reach, and know how to seal my man and blockout. But Coach Howland is a genius, something that I've recognized for years. When he started recruiting me, I did some pretty solid research, so I know what he expects. I also am looking forward to working with Coach Donny Daniels on big-man play. Plus Coach Kerry Keating is always talking with me about situations, defense, and what I should work on.

"I took my recruitment seriously. I didn't want to play for a coach who screamed for screaming sake. Coach Howland can throw some bomb words out, but he does it with style. I want to be the best I can, and Coach Howland is the right coach. Frankly, I think that all elite players should play for him. I've seen Jrue Holiday play and he's great. I would love to play alongside of him. Can you imagine Jrue, Jerime (Anderson), Malcolm (Lee), Darren, Michael, and Josh together? Ben is the perfect coach for Jrue, and UCLA the perfect program. It would be a shame for him to play anywhere else. Great school, coaches who are real people who really care, and a system that will prepare him for excellence.

"I've been lucky to have some great coaches...from my dad, to Chris Dudley, to Pat Barrett, Jody Gardner, and DeAnthony Langston, to Swen Nater and Tom Lubin. My dad really showed me how to compete, plus all of the fundementals. He knows all the tricks and would be a great coach. Both Tom and Swen might very well be the best big men coaches on the planet, with no disrespect to Pete Newell. One day with Tom and Swen is like going to the Harvard Business School of Big Men.

"Look at how good Lorenzo Mata has become. That's Coach Howland, Coach Daniels, Coach Keating, Coach (Scott) Garson and Coach Ernie (Zeigler) before that. They care. All you have to do is watch a UCLA practice to see how much of a difference they make.

"Sorry to go on and on for one question. I'm just so fired up about being a Bruin, and can't wait until next fall. Sometimes I pinch myself because I so lucky to be a UCLA Bruin."

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