Pre-Spring 2008 Top 100 Rankings

Just in time for the spring evaluation period,'s Dave Telep ranks the top 100 prospects in the national class of 2008. UCLA's committed guys are there -- Jerime Anderson and Malcolm Lee -- and one of them has moved into the top 20, along with UCLA's big target, Jrue Holiday...

On Thursday, refreshed its current Class of 2008 rankings. 2008 Top 100

While there was little change at the top, a few players slid up the rankings based on strong seasons, improvements in their games and the belief that the corner has been turned.

Samardo Samuels rode a bit of a roller coaster last summer. The St. Benedict's big man was a monster all season long. He once occupied a spot in our Top 5 and now he's back for a return visit.

As the spring unfolds, there will be a few aspects of the class worth monitoring. For starters, this group needs point guards to emerge. The best of the best, for the most part, have selected schools and there is considerable space for other players to shoot up in the rankings.

Second aspect to watch: the big boys. Who is going to emerge with a challenge for supremacy? Greg Monroe sits on top of the heap. Who will make the charge to improve? B.J. Mullens seems like a guy who is going from prospect to player; Ty Walker is in the process of doing the same. However, there are numerous power forwards who have yet to distance themselves from their peers.

The spring is not the time to coast on reputations. Committed or uncommitted, guys have to understand that every time out someone is watching. Want to be a big timer? Prove it.

With our rankings we've attempted to include as many new guys as possible. Each spring a new name comes out of nowhere to capture everyone's attention. Is there a Von Wafer out there?

Kris Joseph, a Canadian out of D.C. is likely to be a riser. Corey Law out of Virginia is one to watch. Dashan Harris from Montverde is a guy we need to keep seeing as is Maurice Sutton, a big fella from Largo.

Did we mention Ray Willis from the Sunshine State? How good is Brian Walsh out of Moon Township? Ditto for Mookie Jones, Ken Gabriel, Brett Thompson, Iman Shumpert, Marcus Denmon, Johnny Coy and a host of guys on the cusp of becoming Top 100 talents.

Over the next few weeks, will be out in full force, trying to get these and other questions answered via the spring traveling team circuit. It's an exciting time to be a basketball junkie and we hope you join us for the ride!

Each year deciphering what grades and the whereabouts of some prospects becomes increasingly more difficult. What we're attempting to do is give players one shot at a Top 100 slot. If we treated a player as a senior in the past, its likely he gets ranked by his position but not recycled in our Top 100. In the coming months, our technicians are working on a separate database for post graduate players and prospects that previously appeared in our Top 100. We can't wait to use it!

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