Dorrell on Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks after practice on Tuesday about another starter who sits out due to a mild injury, and the development of a few young players like wide receiver Dominique Johnson and safety Bret Lockett...

Karl Dorrell talked Tuesday after practice. <p>

On Dennis Keyes' injury (right ankle):

"(Dennis Keyes) has a mild sprain. He's gonna be ready to go by the end of this week. I know the boots always make it look like it's more than what it is. He actually tweaked it on his own, when we were doing our early practice drills yesterday. Then he just got some inflammation on it so we decided to keep him out. But he's fine. Just one of our ways of trying to keep our guys to be able to finish the spring. Just trying to make sure it doesn't get any worse than what it is."On the comparison to Chris Markey's injury:

"They looked the same. Chris, I saw him do his. I felt there was an issue there when I saw him plant. The way he planted put a lot of stress on his foot position. I knew that was going to be a little bit different. Running backs have those issues though because they're on the ground. They run different than the other positions. That's another story."

On wide receiver Dominique Johnson:

"Dominique looks good. He's progressing. Made a few plays today. it's good to see him get some plays going in his direction where he can start building some confidence in what we're doing. It's a  good group of young receivers out there. They need to keep developing. I can sense that they're starting to get some comfort with what we're putting in. There's a lot of information in. It takes a little time to get used to it. I don't think (the redshirt for Johnson) is going to be resolved until summer. We're gonna petition for it and see what happens. I can't put a timetable on it."

On safety Bret Lockett:

"He's a good physical player. Only knows one speed. That's what I like about him. We're always trying to get him to tame himself. It seems like he's getting more comfortable in our defense in terms of the coverage calls and the adjustments. He's doing what I've asked him to do. He's one of those guys I singled out and told him, 'you have to show you're ready to play.'"

On the safety positions:

"All those guys are interchangeable. They have to be. One guy goes down, the next best guy goes in. We try to cross-train all of our safeties. They all have to learn how to cover, and they all have to learn how to play in the box. They do a nice job of that."

Here are the prospects that attended practice over the last two days:


Raymond Carter, RB, Crenshaw -- Committed
Brian Price, DT, Crenshaw -- Committed
Glenn Rauscher, DE/LB, La Costa -- Walking on (brother of GA Phil Rauscher)


Josep Fauria, TE, Crespi
Kevin Prince, QB, Crespi
Devin Hester, CB, Dominguez -- Committed
Datone Jones, DE, Compton -- Committed
Anthony Dye, CB, Corona Santiago -- Committed
Ryan Berry, CB, Corona Santiago
Erik Stewart, WR, Los Angeles High
Kevin Farmer, LS, Aptos (Danny Farmer's cousin)
Hal Hunter, OG/DT, San Diego Canedral Catholic
Carlo Valdes, WR, Mater Dei
Brett Hanrahan, SS, Mater Dei
Chad Miller, QB, Santa Ana Foothill
Maurice Mack, WR/LB, Imperial (Christian Ramirez's brother)

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