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It's our continuing feature -- an on-going email exchange with incoming Bruin Kevin Love, asking asking him our questions and yours. The latest e-mail comes right after he returned from the Nike Hoops Summit, talking about how he feels he'll fit into the UCLA team next year, and talking about his future teammates...

"Got back from the Nike Hoop Summit in Memphis.  Had a great time.  Settled in and watched Entourage...glad it's back.  Now it's back to school.  I've been on the road for 3 weeks, and it's so nice to be back at home."

We understand you could play the 4, but, considering your strength underneath, would you rather play closer to the basket?

"I'll play inside and outside...wherever Coach Howland wants me to play.  If you watched the Nike Hoop Summit last weekend, I spent some time at the high post, and also down low.  It's really a very short commute from the high-post to the I wouldn't be too concerned.  I do like being down low, in what I call my 'kill zone.'"


We all know that players and the coaches tend to embellish when it comes to listing a player's height in the team program.  Its not until the NBA camp that you learn for the first time that the 6'8" power forward for ASU was really only 6'6".


So, give us the real scoop on your height.  And, when do you last remember growing any measurable amount -- I assume you have gotten taller since entering high school.  Any hope that you might squeeze out another inch or two?

"I was 6-8 when I entered high school.  I am now legitimately 6-10 and 1/3 without shoes.  I was measured at 6-10 at the Reebok ABCD Camp last July, and also in December before the Les Schwab tournament.  The doctor said that my growth plates show that I will grow at least another inch.  This is silly talk to me.  Will an extra inch help me get the rebound?  No.  What will is by blocking out properly, sealing my man, and having a nose for the ball.  Look at Dennis Rodman and Charles Barkley.  They knew how to rebound, and knew where the ball was going before it hit the rim.  Again, do you want just a 7-footer, or do you want a complete basketball player?  If you want something that's 7-feet tall, go to Home Depot and buy a ladder."

Do you feel your are in an ideal position to win a national championship, given the pieces that are in place?

"Without any doubt whatsoever.  In fact, even without Arron (Afflalo) I expect to win.  Darren Collison is going to be so much better next will the team. James Keefe is a terrific player, and I bet his improvement will be the most dramatic.  And Russell Westbrook is so talented.  He will blow people away next year.  Luc is Luc...I love his game.  And from what I hear about Chace Stanback, he should be a valuable contributor immediately.  I've scrimmaged with the team, and think that Mike Roll is very underrated...especially as an entry passer, and releases well on the break.  I also really like Ryan Wright.  He battles hard inside.  And of course Josh Shipp is going to be a monster."

You said you were friends with O.J. Mayo, but are you ready to become bitter rivals twice a year? How much do you know about and feel the SC rivalry?

"Oh yeah, I'm ready to throw it down against USC.  O.J. is a great guy.  Very much misunderstood.  What he's accomplished while being pretty much on his own blows me away.  He is a funny, polite, and warm person.  Don't form an opinion on O.J. from what your read or perceive.  Get to know him before you can ever judge him.  I would love to have him as a teammate.  That said, for the 40 minutes when O.J. puts on that muddy red and yellow, the friendship is put on hold. I also love Daniel Hackett to death, but once he puts on that USC rag, it's war." 

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