Dorrell on Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell answered questions after practice Tuesday, talking about the development in spring of certain players, like running back Kahlil Bell, receiver Terrence Austin, and kicker Kai Forbath, and he talks about how a player has been reinstated to the team...

BRO message board poster smilingjeffrey has posted an in-depth report on Tuesday's practice: Practice Report.

Here are Head Coach Karl Dorrell comments after practice.

What have you seen different in Kahlil Bell?

"Well, he's performing like a veteran for one. That's what you see. He's a junior and he has a level of consistency that you're seeing day in and day out here. He always had a great work ethic, but now he's able to perform because of that maturity. He's having a very good spring ball. He's been noticed almost every day. He loves opportunities to make plays with the ball whenever he gets a chance to and he's been doing that."

How has Kai Forbath looked?

"Ok. He missed some kicks today. He's been having some trouble a little bit on the hashes, particularly on the left hash. We're competing with him every day, putting him through some scrimmage snaps, getting him used to the timing and rhythm of what he needs to do. He's a young player who has a lot of talent, and he'll get better. This is part of spring, is him growing up through the process to hone his skills."

Is he adjusting to kicking off the ground?

"They're all still adjusting to doing that. That's part of the deal, part of college ball. He had a year to train under that last year. It's not like it's anything new. I think it's just the pressure of doing it when you're the guy, supposedly the guy. He'll get used to that."

Anything new about Justin Brown?

"Justin Brown has been reinstated by the university, so he is back in school. He is still in the football program. Probably won't have him practice this spring just because he's missed so much time and he's been out. We've got him back training and working out in the weight room. We're in our third week of spring and he is way way behind, but he is back in school. I found out about it yesterday."

It seemed like the offense made some plays today...

"They made some plays on third down. We always challenge that part. You've gotta be able to produce on third down. The defense also made their plays on third down, and it's always a pretty competitive drill. They'll get better at it. We need to keep the compeitition going between both sides. That's one area that we need to improve on on the offensive side. Defense we were pretty good at it last year, but offensively we can make a big step of improvement this year."

How is Terrence Austin looking?

"Terrence is doing well. He had a good scrimmage Saturday. He made good plays today, will continue to impress."

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