Interview With Kicker Kai Forbath

The redshirt-freshman-to-be placekicker, Kai Forbath, came to UCLA heralded as the best kicker in the country. Now he has to fill the shoes of departed All-American Justin Medlock, and he talks about that responsibility, how spring practice has been going and his snapper and holder...

Kai Forbath answered questions Tuesday.

On replacing Justin Medlock:

"It's been a lot of pressure, but everything's been pretty good, everyone's been pretty supportive, putting pressure on me to be the best I can be and help out the team as much as I can."

On what has been the biggest transition from high school to college kicking:

"Going off the ground is the big thing and trying to work on my technique and perfect it as much as I can."

How much has going off the ground affected your kicking?

"It affected it a lot at the beginning. I got worse before I got better. But now I think it's pretty much the same. Just like kicking on the tee now for me."

What did you learn from Justin about adjusting to college?

"He talked to me a lot about my technique and also about the mental game of it. Just about staying focused and calm during games, even if I mess up or whatever. And then just strength wise he helped me lifting a lot."

What conditioning/working out do you do?

"We do everything the team does. We do a lot of short sprints to get quick and explosive, we do some jumps."

What do you do to stay calm during a game?

"I just try to focus on the next kick. You know, if I miss one, I don't dwell on that. I just worry about the next one and make sure I make that one."

Do you spend a lot of time watching the game?

"I love watching the game. I mean, I also will kick in the net a lot to keep warm, but I love watching games."

How's it working with new snapper Christian Yount?

"He's really good. Snaps are coming in real fast so I have a little more time to approach the ball."

Is Pat Cowan going to be the holder?

"As of now. I'm going to work with Aaron Perez a little bit on holding, see how he does."

Any problems with the holding?

"No, it's been good so far."

Justin had some problems occasionally...

"Yeah, he has some problems with it, but so far it's been okay."

How do you see Christian progressing?

"He's almost perfect now, so I don't know how much better he can get. I only see good things for him here at the program."

What's your field goal range now?

"Probably inside 55."

Dorrell said you had a couple of problems from the left hash mark today...

"Yeah, I was hooking them a little bit left. Got a little bit worried about the pressure coming from Rodney Van on the side. It's something I just have to get more comfortable with and fix."

Where are you most comfortable from on the field?

"Right now the center and the right hash have been good. The wind's been blowing left every day pretty strong, so the left hash has been having some problems. Otherwise...actually, they're all pretty good."

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