Moore Could Decide Soon

The two-sport athlete from Brea, Evan Moore, has three schools he's considering, hints at a leader, and lays out a scenario on how he could decide fairly soon...

Evan Moore, 6-6, 230, Brea (Calif.) Brea-Olinda, has three solid leaders and hints that one of the schools could have a slight edge.

"My three favorites right now are Stanford, USC and UCLA," Moore said. "All of them have offered."

When asked if he had a favorite among his favorites, Moore said he didn't. But he did say some revealing things that might lead you to believe that Stanford could have a slight lead at this point.

First, he said his parents prefer Stanford. "If it was their choice, that'd be where I'd go. They like the Stanford academics."

Moore, who is also a solid D-1 basketball prospect, said that how well a school is recruiting him from the basketball side is significant to him. "[Stanford] Coach Montgomery is coming in for a home visit. I hear from them quite a bit. I'm also setting up a date with [USC's] Coach Bibby for an in-home visit."

When asked if UCLA was recruiting him for basketball, Moore said, "Sure. I've talked with Lavin. I talked with him a couple of weeks ago. I talk with the basketball coaches from the three schools on a weekly basis. But it just seems like Stanford and USC basketball are recruiting me harder right now. Overall, I'm getting a lot more letters from them. I get something every day from USC football. And it's really good when a coach calls and he talks to you for a while, rather than it feeling just like he's trying to get his weekly phone calls out of the way."

When pressed a little, Moore said that "Stanford is doing the best" with him at this point, and that he's maybe leaning "a little bit" to USC over UCLA. "But they're all real close."

Moore said he might want to get his decision over with fairly quickly. He went to the USC game against Auburn, and the UCLA game against Colorado State, and said he enjoyed both games. "The USC game had a little more energy. The UCLA game got a lot better in the second half and got exciting at the end." He intends to go to another USC game and UCLA game later this month, and then will attend a Stanford game October 11th. "Yeah, I'll go see what it's like up there. I've been to their Junior Day, but I've never seen a game there. I could make my decision soon after that. I might only take an official visit to the school I've already chosen."

Moore will mostly play wide receiver this year for Brea-Olinda, but he said all of the three schools he's considering are a little different in what position they project him to play in college. "With Stanford, it's almost all wide receiver. USC is tight end and receiver. I think UCLA sees me more as a tight end, but splitting out, too. At the beginning I was thinking UCLA was loaded with tight ends. But I don't think that much anymore. Anywhere you go you have to compete for a spot anyway. When you go in there anything could change. But it's good to talk to the receiver coaches."

When asked if the location of the school was a big factor in his decision, Moore said it was somewhat. "I like a real nice area. I like the area at Stanford a lot. And UCLA is really nice. If I say that I'm going to really consider the area big, then I would be ruling out USC. So, area is a plus, but if I chose USC I could get over it."

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