Howland On Shipp's Surgery

Head Coach Ben Howland took some time out of dinner on Friday night in Houston to talk with reporters about Josh Shipp, who underwent precautionary surgery on Friday for a hip injury, a similar surgery that Shipp had done on his other hip...

Ben Howland talked about UCLA forward Josh Shipp, after Shipp underwent hip surgery on Friday.

On the extent of the injury
Actually he had some soreness in his hip the last few weeks of the season but it was nothing major. This was ore precautionary and has a lot of time to rehab and recover.

On the cause of the injury
You'd have to ask the surgeon. I think its one of those things that just happened. The last time he had surgery on the other hip, there was a specific incident that caused it. Josh doesn't remember an incident on this one.

On the recovery time
Typically the recovery to get back to full strength is 4-5 months. Probably by the middle of September he'll be back to full strength. Now that's being conservative and him not rushing it. Last time, he had the surgery at the end of September and he rushed it back. This time, there should be plenty of time for him to recover.

On what kind of rehabilitation Shipp will undergo
It will be the same time of rehab this time. What's good is that he knows what exactly that rehab is. Also the surgeon was very pleased with the surgery and the results.

On if this affects Shipp's NBA status
"I don't think he'll be putting his name in the draft (Howland laughed as he said this). We never even discussed that being a possibility.

On if he's talked to Shipp since the surgery
I talked to Josh after the surgery today and he sounded great. He'll have some pain come tonight and tomorrow. He should be actually in full range in motion and in the pool doing the cardiovascular workouts by Wednesday and on the bike by Monday. He'll be in school by Monday. He'll be on crutches for about a month. They do that as a precautionary move to let it heal properly.

On when he found out the extent of it
I found out on Tuesday that they were doing a precautionary MRI. There was a slight tear, nothing really significant, but they thought it would be better to go in and do the surgery now, and not have him out later.

Press Release from UCLA on Josh Shipp

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