Vieira: "Better Chemistry"

After being praised by Head Coach Bob Toledo for his performance against Colorado State, sophomore offensive guard Steve Vieira gives credit to his fellow OLs and says there's a better chemistry on the unit this year...

How did you do as a unit against Colorado State?

"We came out, we were hitting them, we were aggressive, we adapted well to all of their movements, we picked up their blitzes. As a unit we did a great job. We all worked together. Mike McCloskey, hats off to him. He did great in his first game. He composed himself well on the field. As a group we really worked well together. It's real different than last year. I feel there's better chemistry with this group."

Why do you feel that?

"I worked with Mike last year a lot, so finally this year, and then working with him last year, I feel I know how to play with him. I know what he does. We have this feeling. I think it's the same way for Eyoseph. The three of us, the three interior guys, have been working a lot over the summer. I think we just have a good feel on how to work with each other."

What kind of work did you do over the summer?

"Some individual stuff, but then also working with the guys on pass sets and other stuff."

Were there times when you had to give Mike some help against CSU?

"He needed no help. He was a leader, how a center should be. He did a great job out there. I was really impressed with him. I can't wait to play with him for years to come."

Did Colorado State throw some stuff at you that you might not have seen on tape?

"No, they really didn't. They had shown a lot of movement, stunts and blitzes, but it was stuff we studied. They did a lot of it. And as a group we did well in picking it up and giving Cory time to throw the ball."

What do you have to work on as a unit?

"We can always work on our pad level. Get down a little lower and knock them off the ball. Guys were going against this week are a little bigger, so we need to concentrate on pad level and the first couple of steps. Get a good push and run the ball a little more."

When do you start watching tape on your next opponent?

"Most of the time Tuesday morning we start watching tapes and I start scouting my guy and look at the stuff he does. And then we do it the rest of the week up until the time of the game."

What type of defensive tackle do you like to match up against? Someone who's bigger or someone smaller and lower to the ground?

"Those guys we played against last week, Colorado State's d-tackles, they were shorter and lighter, and faster. So that was kind of hard. I'm used to bigger guys. Our d-line is bigger. So I'm used to that. I don't know. Either or. You have to be able to play against both."

Do you use a different technique?

"No. basically the same technique. You have to be a little faster with faster guys and a little stronger with the other guys. Maybe once you get the smaller guys under control it might be easier. You can twist them and get them on the ground a lot easier."

How's that ankle sprain?

"I had an ankle sprain about two weeks ago and just playing on it and playing on it, it never had a chance to heal. Slowly it got better and then that weekend before the game I had a chance to get off it completely. But it's completely gone now. I'm wearing an ankle brace as just a precaution. But everything's good to go. It felt good in the game. My body is starting to come together after that fall camp."

Do you look up to the two senior tackles, Bryce Bohlander and Mike Saffer?

"Yeah. When I first came here I came as a tackle, so ever since I got here I looked to Mike and Bryce for help. Now that I'm playing guard I still look to them for guidance every once in a while. They both do a good job. They conduct themselves well and they're good role models."

Do you think you're entrenched at guard – or could you move back in the future to tackle?

"I used to like tackle. I've gotten comfortable with guard and I really like it. I wouldn't mind playing back at tackle. Whatever helps the team out. If I ever had to move back to tackle, I'd do it."

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