Davis: "Goal is to Dominate"

All-American senior defensive end Bruce Davis spoke to us after the Friday night Spring Game, discussing the dominating defense, the second-string D, as well as what he expects from the offense, drawing comparisions to the defense last spring under a new coordinator...

All-American Bruce Davis spoke to us after the Spring Game Friday night.

Is what happened today, the defense dominating the offense, a surprise?

"I want to sound as a humble as I can but no. It doesn't matter who we're playing. We could line up against the Colts or Patriots, whoever -- our goal is to dominate. Plain and simple. Go out there, the coach is going to make his calls, we trust his calls and we're going to go out there and execute."

With the offense having a new system and the defense being under DeWayne Walker for a year now, if anything else had happened in scrimmage would that have been a cause for concern?

"No, but you have to expect with the new system they're going to hit a couple bumps in the road just like we did last year in camp. Our first go-around with coach Walker was a little bit rocky. We understand that. (New UCLA Offensive Coordinator) Coach Norvell is a great guy and his system is a good system. Our players like it so they're coming along and getting better every day and they'll be ready by the fall."

How's the defense coming along?

"Just as nasty as ever. We're looking to just keep getting better. As good as we did this past season that means nothing to us. We're trying to build off of what we started. We got three goals and they're very simple: one is to be a top-10 defense, two is to be in a BCS bowl game and three is to win the conference. So those are our goals and that's what we're sticking to…We're going to get it done on defense. We're big on production so it doesn't matter what happens with the offense. If the other team doesn't score, we win the game. So we take a lot of pride in trying to keep people out of the end zone."

How did the second team D look to you?

"I think they looked good. We got a bunch of young guys that were competing this whole time for starting spots. It's just hard to beat out 10 seniors and a freshman starter on defense. We got a lot of experience but I'm very impressed with how they played today, especially our guys up front. Just for how young they are, coming from the scout team and not really knowing the defense to learning. I think they've done a tremendous job."

Did you feel cheated when the offense got to line up in the red zone?

"I can't say that I feel cheated just because sometimes in a game you'll get stuck in a situation where there could be a turnover.  You could get the ball back on the five and our job is just to keep them out of the end zone by any means possible. They get started at the 20 so be it. We're looking at it like we're off the field in three plays. If they get stuck down there, they do. If they get put (at the 20), you can call it being cheated or whatever you want to call it but there they are so we got to stop them. If they don't score then good for us and that's all we can worry about."

Could you sense how much the offense was struggling?

"They struggled but that's to be expected. Like I said, this is our second go-around with coach Walker and we've got a lot of experienced guys and we're comfortable with our system. Let's face it, we have an NFL system with NFL coaches. We're just comfortable with our system and they're not. That's just plain and simple. They're going to hit a lot of bumps in the road, especially against us. They're going to have their hardships but it's nothing they can't work out. We got a better group on offense now so I mean any problems that they have, they can work out. Truthfully, I'm not concerned. I work out with those guys every day. I see them 24-7.  We got a lot of playmakers on our team. So it's just a matter of time. Just like we did last spring. Once they start clicking, they're going to be tough to stop. Now that they've named Ben Olson the starter, I feel like he'll get comfortable and stop having to worry about having to look over his shoulder. Now he can just go out there and play football. I think it's good for the offense that they know who the starter is as well so they can just get settled down. As far as being concerned, I'm not at all."

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