Top 100 for 2008's Dave Telep revised the Top 100 rankings for the class of 2008, and the UCLA-committed players and prospects are looking good. Jrue Holiday holds his position as the #3-ranked player in the country and UCLA-committed guards Jerime Anderson and Malcolm Lee move up... Top 100

Since last summer, Greg Monroe has sat a top the 2008 rankings.

So far, so good this season for the long power forward from Louisiana. While Monroe has yet to throw the knockout punch on the rest of his peers, he's been solid enough to retain his spot. Plus, let's not forget the potential, ability and untapped upside which exists in his angular frame.

Monroe Holds No. 1 Spot
This spring, Monroe's stiffest challenge came from another power forward, Ed Davis. In a head-to-head matchup at the Boo Williams Invitational, Davis toed the line and slugged with Monroe in what was the most impressive showing we've seen by a top flight insider this spring.

Representing the guard faction in the Top 5 is Californian Jrue Holiday. Skilled, determined and a guy who always finds the winner's circle, Holiday has been strong in each of his outings this spring. Like Kyle Singler last year, he's one of those guys we've heard nearly every college coach comment on how much they'd love to have him. Why? He places a high value on winning and it shows.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Delvon Roe and Al-Farouq Aminu. Speaking of Aminu, his game takes us back 5 years to when Chris Bosh was a high school kid. Bosh, like Aminu, was talented enough to be the top prospect in his class. Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire happened to stand in his way, but that's beside the point. Like Bosh, Aminu has undeniable talent. Also like Bosh, he was slightly up and down in terms of his great performances. In the end he figured it out and we expect Aminu's career to follow a similar course.

Shumpert's Big Rise
Since last summer, Roe, a former baseball player, has thrown nothing but strikes. His lone curveball was his college decision when toed the rubber and broke off a bender that sent UNC fans into a frenzy. As far as his play, well, he's been on the mark each time out since making the decision.

The next five – Samardo Samuels, Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, B.J. Mullens and Devin Ebanks – have each had their moments.

After last summer, we wondered if Samuels' roller coaster would ever take him back to the top again. After watching him through high school and into the spring, we're certain this is an impact player.

Walker Is No. 14
Jennings' SoCal team isn't the same unit that trotted out and pasted guys last summer. His role has gone from offensive facilitator to the best offensive option they have. In short, if he doesn't score they won't win.

Evans remains one of the elite talents on the circuit. No. 2 after last summer and through the season, Evans has the talent to ascend again should he find a comfort zone on offense and become more economical with his chances. Don't sleep on him because no matter how you break it down, this kid has a player's game and if he tightens it up this summer lookout!

With increased visibility on the circuit No. 9 Mullens could be a riser. At adidas Nation workouts he was the toast of the event. Meanwhile, Ebanks has one of those effortless games laced with moves, gifts and the ability to be a major force as a 6-foot-8 wing player.

Anderson's No. 26

Where does the Class of 2008 stack up historically? An early look into the crystal ball reveals that the class is tracking as average. We've had to really project some guys, especially inside the Top 25. The reason being, in our opinion, is that guys haven't stepped up en masse to catch your attention.

The McDonald's All-American game needs 24 players and right now only about half the roster has shown itself. Normally at this stage, the challenge is to trim the potentials list in half. This year, it's time for some prospects to step up and play their ways into contention.

The good news, if you are one of the guys hovering around the Top 50, would be the fact that there is plenty of time to make your move!

Top 100 By Position (Strongest To Weakest)

Power Forward (26 Top 100 Entries) – By far the deepest position on the board. There are some movers and shakers at this position. We tagged 8 kids 5-Star players from this bunch. Biggest Mover: Tyler Zeller from unranked to No.

Shooting Guards (24) – Solid would be the best way to describe this group. Holiday isn't the high-flying. The guy who has sat a top this list in recent years has been a lock first round draft choice and Holiday presently is the standard bearer. Biggest Mover: Iman Shumpert from unranked top No. 15.

Small Forward (21) – Aminu's transition from PF to SF gives this list a lot more pop up top. Our question with this spot is simple: how are No.'s 2-15 going to shake out at the end of the day? This position has the potential for multiple guys to switch places in a big way. Biggest Mover: Anthony Jones from last man in Top 100 to No. 63.

Center (18) – This position is developing. We've projected some guys into the Top 25 and we'll see how they respond during the summer. If Walker, Dunigan and Kadji crank it up a notch then this position, despite not having the numbers, could be a strength nationally. Biggest Movers: Kadji, Dunigan into the Top 25.

Point Guard (11) – This is a stressful position for college coaches. It's seemingly been a long time since the spot has been this thin. Plus, of the Top 15 guys, 7 are already committed including 5 of the 10 best. Two of them pledged to UCLA! Biggest Mover: Dashan Harris into the Top 100.

As is our policy, we like to give as many kids as possible a chance to be in the Top 100. Therefore, we'll rank post-graduate players at their respective positions but not in the Top 100. Some post-grads like Dee Bost and the Morris Twins have not finalized plans for prep school. Once they do, we'll slip them into the position rankings. Players like Isaiah Thomas (Top 100 Class of 2007), Malcolm White (Top 100 2006) and Terrence Jennings (originally Class of 2006) will also eventually be ranked in their respective positions.

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