Quick Q & A with Jrue Holiday

The #3-ranked player in the country, Jrue Holiday, while shooting around casually after his team was knocked out of the Cactus Classic, answered a couple of questions between jump shots about his choice between UCLA and Washington, and what are some of the factors that could go into the decision...

After his AAU team was knocked out of the Cactus Classic this last weekend, Jrue Holiday was casually shooting around and answered a few questions about his recruiting between jump shots.

So, you're down to Washington and UCLA...


Are you going to take an unofficial visit to Washington?

"I drop off my brother (Justin Holiday) up there in...two weeks? Or something like that. I think it's June 10th."

Do you think you need to visit UCLA before making a decision?

"Well, I go there all the time to play basketball. I've been on campus plenty of times. So, I'll see both schools again."

Are you leaning either way, to UCLA or Washington?


What are some of the reasons you like Washington and UCLA?

"The recruiting. Washington's getting Isaiah Thomas, and the big kid from Crenshaw (Darnell Gant). They got my brother. And Adrian Oliver is already there. They have Quincy Pondexter.

"Then at UCLA, they've had three people commit, Jerime Anderson, Malcolm Lee and Drew Gordon. And Chace Stanback and Kevin Love already signed there."

So, who the two schools have coming in are a big factor?

"Yeah. You want to have good players around you."

How big of a factor is it to stay close to home?

"It doesn't matter."

Does it matter to be around your family?

"Whether I go to UCLA or Washington, I'll be around family."

How do your parents feel about it?

"They're fine with whatever decision I make."

How big of a factor is it to play with your brother, Justin?

"It really doesn't matter. The two of us together, we do great things. But sometimes we go our separate ways, like with the friends we hang out with. Even on our travel teams. When we were young, I had mine and he had his. So, really, whatever happens happens."

Is it important to go to a program where you feel you can win a national championship?

"Yeah. I'd like to go to Final Fours."

Do you think you want to make a decision before summer?

"I don't know."

Do you think after this trip to Washington, that could be enough, since you've been to UCLA often?

"I don't know. My brother comes back in August, then goes back up there in September, so I could go with him then, too. I'm really not sure."

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