Monday Football Notes

Head Coach Bob Toledo conducts his Monday press conference, there's a pretty favorable injury report, and Cory Paus tells an interesting Colorado-related recruiting story...

Head Coach Bob Toledo praised the team for the Oklahoma State win. "It was a real nice win for us, against a big 12 opponent. The important thing is we won on the road."

Toledo mentioned an area of concern was the team starting off games poorly. "A concern is that the second game in a row we've had a bad start. It's something we'll address this week and we'll hopefully improve in that area. You have to execute early. Unfortunately for Cory Paus, Mike Seidman slipped and fell and the ball went over his head and was intercepted. We got off to a bad start, but that wasn't Cory's fault. The plus side of it, if you do it your team has confidence that they can do it. As for the upcoming game, I'm going to have my pre-game talk and I'm going to say, ‘Men, we're down by 10.'"

Toledo also mentioned the play of the cornerbacks: "Our cornerbacks struggled a little bit. Our corners were on an island some of the time. They lost sight of the football and didn't play as well as they will play. They're good football players. They'll bounce back from that experience and learn from it."

Offensive Player of the Game – Cory Paus
Defensive Player of the Game – Ben Emanuel
Special Teams Player of the Game – Nate Fikse

Pac-Attack: The Pac-10 conference has 6 teams in the top 25 this week, and that doesn't include Oregon State or Arizona, who could earn Top 25 births after this week. It's the first time since 1989 that six Pac-10 teams have made the Top 25 in the same week. Toledo said, "I'm kind of excited about the Pac-10. It speaks volumes for the conference. I hope they all continue to win their non-league games. Cal, for example, that was a big win for the Cal program and a big win for our conference. I was glad to see that. Coach Tedford has done a nice job over there."

Injury Report:

-- Keith Carter, out, sprained ankle.

-- Steve Morgan, questionable, knee sprain

-- Matt Ware, questionable, ankle sprain (even though he said at practice that he was fine and would play)

-- Patrick Pierre-Louis, questionable, shoulder. Toledo said: "But we're going to try to get him back and get him some work this week."

-- Pat Norton, probable, ankle. Might see limited time.

Toledo on Cory Paus:

"He had a very good game. He does things that you or the fans, people, don't see. He gets us into the right plays and checks us out of bad plays. I'm a big guy on running downhill. You have to get us in the right plays. There are advantage audibles and there are must audibles. I'm not too concerned with him taking advantage of too many situations. I can package that. But there are some must things he has to do. He must get us out of some bad plays. And those are things people don't see. He did a nice job of directing the offense, also making them jump offsides in a crucial situation and he hit some big balls for us. I'm looking for a perfect game out of a quarterback. As good as I was, I never had one. The point is it may never happen. But Cory knows I'm on him for the perfect game. I want him to be perfect. I want him to be the best that he can be. We have a great love and respect for each other. He played a pretty darn good football game. I was pretty happy for him."

Toledo on Colorado:

"If you look at Colorado, basically they're the same team that won the Big 12 championship last year. Yeah, they lost some players but they have a lot of good football players and athletes. They're a physical football player. What's happened is like what can happen for any team in the country. They've had some key injuries. Particularly at quarterback and that's hurt them tremendously. Their running backs were rated the #1 running back group in the country by a lot of magazines. They have a lot of California kids. They'll be coming to the Rose Bowl and they'll be upset by what happened last week and they'll want to take it out on us."

On looking past Colorado:

"I think this football team sees things a little different than some I've had in the past. I really like this football team. I like their focus. I like the leadership. I don't think the leaders will let these guys look past anybody. The work ethic is really good. The focus is outstanding. They want to win. We'll forget about what happened the last two weeks and we're going to look at what we have to do this week."

On Jarrad Page:

"We're excited about Page and what he's doing right now. He's a young guy and he's going to be a very good football player. He is right now. He has a lot to learn still, but he's very athletic, very smart and he has great poise, self control and he'll hit you."

On whether Matt Ware could play cornerback:

"Well, Ben Emanuel has really responded. He finished off last year on a good note and he's really done a nice job playing both safety positions. There's Page. And Jibril Raymo will start to see more action. He's doing some good things. This enables us to go to a nickel or dime package, because we have some DBs this year. Maybe it gives us the ability to play Ware as a safety or a corner, particularly if we face some bigger receivers. I wanted to put him in for some offensive plays too, but he got hurt. We have enough football players so we can mix and match, and do some matchup things in the future."

On freshman center Mike McCloskey:

"Wow, is he athletic. We had Mike Flanagan here, who is playing for the Packers. But this guy is only a freshman and there aren't many guys that are more athletic than him on the offensive line anywhere. He's really exciting."

On Lovell Houston, who transferred from UCLA to Colorado, to be close to home and play with his brother, Marcus, whom he recruited:

"They're great kids. They come from a great family. They wanted to be together and I understand that. I have no problems with Lovell. He was a super person. Both of those men will be successful in life. I don't know if they'll play pro football but I know they'll be very successful in life and that's what it's all about."

When asked about the program's history of faring better in non-conference games, Toledo responded:

"It's kind of funny. We did win 20 games. We did win two Pac-10 championships. We lost by three points to Miami. We had a chance to compete for a national championship. We lost 49-45. Is that what it was? We had 670 yards total offense. But we lost the football game. We didn't play very well on defense. Then we go to the Rose Bowl, we break the Rose Bowl offensive record and we lose by seven points. But we had a chance to win that football game and we lost by seven points. They have players and coaches, too. Then you look at the last few years. Yeah, we struggled the next year. I think we dropped off because that was really our first recruiting class. We had to build it back up. We didn't have a good year. But then the next year we win six games and go to the Sun bowl. And we lose by one point. Cory Paus blows out his shoulder the last play of the half and DeShaun Foster doesn't play the second half. Both of our corners get hurt in the game. Right? We had a chance there. That's not a bad year. Then last year, we're 6-0. We lose to Stanford by 10, but it should have been three. Let them score at the end. Then we play Washington State. We fumble the ball, they run it back. They beat us by six points. We play Oregon, we lose by one point. We rough the kicker, they keep it and sustain a drive, they score a touchdown, we don't get it done in the end. We get down to the 2, we have a holding penalty, we throw an interception. We lose by one point to the champion. In my years here, in my opinion, we've had one poor football game. And we all know what that one is. I think the program is in pretty good shape. I think I'm a good football coach that has a good staff and has some good football players. We're going to be around for a while. We'll win a lot more football games."

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