Precocious Page

Safety Jarrad Page has been the most ready among the true freshmen to step in and play. He talks about playing in his first couple of games, his transition to college ball, pro baseball, and a friend he's recruiting...

How do think you played against Oklahoma State?

"Pretty good. It was allright."

Just allright?

"Yeah, everybody wants to play the perfect game. I have a lot to improve."

Are you surprised by how much playing time you're getting as a true freshman?

"The coaches, when they were recruiting me, Coach Snow, he told me that they wanted to bring me in and wanted me to play as a freshman. You're never too sure how much you can play as a freshman. When you're being recruited a lot of the coaches tell you that. When I got to camp I found out he was serious about it. So when the games came, I've been in there."

Are you feeling comfortable with the transition from high school to college?

"When you come from Pop Warner to high school, you get nervous, but you get used to playing on that level and it becomes natural. Then you make the jump to college. When you get in the game, it's just natural. I don't even think about high school anymore. It's a whole different game."

What's the main difference?

"The speed. The speed and the technique that you need. Or else, you won't get it done. You won't be able to do your job if you don't do it quick and how you're supposed to."

Do you think you're up to speed in both, well, speed and technique?

"I'm working. I'm not all the way. You can always get better. I can get better at my technique. Hopefully I'll get faster. I think I will as I get older. That will make a difference."

How would you feel if they moved Matt Ware to corner and you got even more playing time?

"For the first game, when I played Colorado State, I was nervous before the game. But once I got to the field, it went away. I want to be in the game. Some people might be fine with their level and how much they're playing but I want to play all the time. After I got over that bit of nervousness, now I just want to play as much as I can."

Are the older defensive backs helping you out?

"They all take me under their wing. If I'm matched up on something, they'll tell me how to do it. Little pointers to watch during the game. On the sidelines. And we talk out on the field, too. But on the sidelines, they'll say, ‘Watch out for this guy because he'll do this on a certain play.' They help me out a lot."

Are you still thinking a lot or has it become more instinct yet?

"No, I think I'm to the point where it's instinct. Coach Snow gets you ready. He teaches you, and you do it so much in practice, when it happens in the game, you're like, ‘Man.' When you first get here, and you do some of the drills we do, you look ignorant. You look stupid trying to do these drills. But once you get them down and you do them every day, the game just comes natural. The game is a lot easier than practice actually."

What are the chances that you sign a baseball contract?

"Not this year."

But there is still a small possibility since school hasn't started, right?

"Yeah, school hasn't started yet, but I'm not going to sign."

What's the longer-term plan with baseball?

"I think baseball organizations are a little scared and apprehensive now about giving a player money when he wants to play another sport in college. They feel that he just wants to take the money. Because college is a lot more fun than playing in the minor leagues. So, they don't want to give you that money and have you run off to college. So, I'd rather wait. Play baseball here, and get better at baseball here. And then get drafted again, which would mean more money. I'd have to wait three years, until my junior year, until I could get drafted again, and that's fine."

Are you recruiting your former teammate, Dennis Dixon?

"I'm definitely recruiting him. I talked to him all the time. That's one of my best friends, so I talk to him maybe every other night. I talk to after the game, his and mine. I talked to him after his game on Friday. They won last week, 35-12. He did pretty good."

Is he telling you he wants to go here?

"He says he likes the school. But he was kind of like me when I was getting recruited. I never told anyone where I was going to go either. I never even told him. But he likes the school. He's going to take his official visits. I know that. He's coming down to this game this weekend against Colorado. So it will be good to see him then."

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