2008 West Rankings: Centers

Among the 2008 west coast centers, there are a couple that show enough potential to be listed among the best post prospects in the country, including Drew Gordon from San Jose, who is verbally committed to UCLA...

The 2008 class of centers in the west is a fairly talented group, although the depth is just fair. Withey gets the nod for the top spot after he showed dramatic improvement in the last year. Withey had been somewhat slow to develop, but his skills and approach to the game have gotten much better during the course of his junior year. Gordon's skills have also improved in the last year and he's much more effective scoring around the basket than he was a year ago. He still needs to work on his overall ball skills, but he's easily the best athlete on this list and he has a tremendous upside. Poling is coming along, but his progress has been somewhat slow as his body is still maturing. Once Poling fills out and gets stronger, he should be a very effective player at Gonzaga. Williams is a good-looking young prospect with a very good body. His offensive game is still very raw, but his length and size are very intriguing. He's also an outstanding student, which bodes well for his ability to work hard and improve. Garibay has a great frame and a very nice touch to the stripe. His commitment to the game and his focus on the court, however, are not where they need to be if he is to reach his potential. If Garibay does improve in those areas, he has a chance to be as good as any player on this list.

1) Jeff Withey, 6-11, San Diego (Calif.) Horizon
2) Drew Gordon, 6-8, San Jose (Calif.) Mitty UCLA
3) Andy Poling, 6-10, Portland (Ore.) Westview  Gonzaga
4) Tim Williams, 6-8, Antioch (Calif.) High
5) Edgar Garibay, 6-10, Compton (Calif.) High
6) Justin Hamilton, 6-9, Lone Peak (Utah) High
7) Taylor Rohde, 6-8, Phoenix (Ariz.) Pinnacle  Arizona State
8) Deangelo Casto, 6-8, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin
9) Corbin Moore, 6-10, Los Alamitos (Calif.) High
10) Daymon Warren, 6-8, El Cerrito (Calif.) High


Ben Aird, 6-7, Bountiful (Utah) High
Brian Conklin, 6-8, Eugene (Ore.) North Eugene
Jason Conrad, 6-9, Gilroy (Calif.) High
Cory Douglas, 6-8, Oakland (Calif.) Castlemont
Krys Faber, 6-9, Palmdale (Calif.) Knight
Chris Gabriel, 6-9, San Juan Capistrano (Calif.) J. Serra
Hunter Hayden, 6-7, Union City (Calif.) James Logan
Noel Hollingsworth, 6-9, Salt Lake City (Utah) Judge Memorial
Deante Jones, 6-7, Las Vegas (Nev.) Valley
Stefan Kaluz, 6-8, Corona Del Mar (Calif.) High
Bernard Kamwa, 6-8, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft
Oliver Lewinson, 6-9, Payson (Ariz.) High
Joseph Muvana, 6-8, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman
Fernand Rwanteli, 6-10, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman
Ian Salter, 6-9, Kentfield (Calif.) Marin Catholic
Sam Schafer, 6-8, Oregon City (Ore.) High
Jaime Serna, 6-7, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita
Andy Shannon, 6-8, Carmichael (Calif.) El Camino
Greg Somogyi, 7-1, Portola Valley (Calif.) Woodside Priory
Jonathan Underwood, 6-8, Phoenix (Ariz.) Avondale
Mitchell Watt, 6-8, Phoenix (Ariz.) Desert Vista

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