National Top 300

It's here, for the first time ever, the National Top 300. This list will include all the five and four star prospects. Here is the first edition of the National 300, and UCLA is well represented, with 10 of their committed prospects on the list, third most nationally...

The National 300

For the first time, has put together a National Top 300. This list will consist of all the five and four star prospects gathered from the recent released regional 100s. Currently, the top 40 players are all given five stars. The remaining 260 have been assigned four stars. In the future, will assign ten more five star prospects. Once this happens will have 50 five star prospects and 250 four star prospects, all making up the National Top 300. This will be used as our reference to assign all the five and four star players in our ranking system.

Leading the way on the National Top 300 is the state of Texas with 39 players. Florida has 35 while California has 31. As far as teams are concerned, Notre Dame leads the way with a dozen commitments on the National 300, while Texas has 11 and UCLA and Georgia both have ten. 49% of the top 100 prospects have already made commitments while 44% of the top 300 have made their decisions.

As far as the positions are concerned only 15 quarterbacks were selected for the top 300. That's a down number, especially considering how deep this position was for the Class of 2007. While it is a down year at quarterback it certainly is not at wide receiver and linebacker. 51 wideouts made this first top 300 list while 39 linebackers did as well. Two other deep positions this season are running back and defensive end as these positions had 37 and 32 prospects represented. is in the middle of our first release of our player rankings, which will be updated on the 15th on each month. The National Top 300 will be revised throughout the season as well.

The National 300

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