Bruins in the Say No League

If you can't get enough of watching Bruins play basketball, there's always the Nike Say No Classic Summer League. Bruins like Russell Westbrook, Lorenzo Mata, and James Keefe have been spotted, and you might even get lucky and see incoming freshmen Chace Stanback and Kevin Love...

The Nike Say No Classic Summer League has always been a place to watch many local college players during the summer.

It's taken us a while to determine the rosters, but here are the Bruins that are playing and their teams:

Hoops Family: Russell Westbrook
Sinclair's Bruins: James Keefe, Kevin Love and Chace Stanback
Hank's Franchise Boys (may be Salvatori's Franchise Boys): Lorenzo Mata and Mike Roll

Of course, the players don't show up for every game. In fact, it'd be a pretty random chance if you happened to catch Kevin Love with Sinclair's Bruins. Here's a link to the schedule: Say No Schedule

Also, a few BRO message board posters went out this last weekend to watch games and provided us some recaps: Say No Recaps

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