Larimore Talks at Passing League

The UCLA-committed linebacker, Patrick Larimore, has been busy this summer participating in passing leagues with his high school, Newhall Hart, and at the Nike 7-on-7 Passing Championships he talked about the comraderie between the UCLA committed players at the event...

It may be difficult to be effective in a passing league tournament when you play middle linebacker but Newhall (Calif.) Hart and UCLA commit Patrick Larimore found a way.

On one play at the Nike 7-on-7 Passing Championships Friday, Larimore was in press coverage and drove the wide receiver back three yards. As the play continued, Larimore forced the receiver on his back.

Larimore ended on top of the receiver but laying next to him was a yellow flag. Larimore explained his side of the story. He said, "Could you believe they called a flag on me? I pancaked that dude!"

Hart and Larimore have had a busy summer playing in passing tournaments throughout Southern California. "It helps us prepare for the fall, and it also builds team chemistry," Larimore said. "We love working together and it's great to be with my teammates. We're more than ready for the fall."

Back in April, Larimore had scholarship offers from Duke, San Diego State and Utah, but Larimore choose the Bruins. "I'm happy recruiting is over and now I can focus on my season," he said.

With the talented teams displayed at the Nike 7-on-7, UCLA commits and prospects were all over the field. You could see many of the commits watching each other and talking in between games. "We are all representing here," said Larimore. "I'm going with my boys, Milton (Knox) and Donovan (Carter)."

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