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Head Coach Bob Toledo and quarterback Cory Paus talk about the Colorado game; Matt Ware will start at cornerback this week, plus significant statistics and more news and notes...

Matt Ware has been moved to cornerback this week for the San Diego State game. It was precipitated not only by the poor play at the corner position the last couple of weeks, but also that safeties Jarrad Page, Ben Emanuel and Jibril Raymo have played well, along with the fact that San Diego State has two very good, big receivers in 6-2 J.R. Tollver and 6-5 Kassim Osgood. Tolver leads the nation in receiving yards per game (179) and average catches per game (11). Osgood is is third nationally in both catches per game (9.75) and receiving yards per game (143). Head Coach Bob Toledo said, "We'll do this from time to time because of matchups. He'll still play safety, too." Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow said he'll use Ware at both positions. "I think we'll use Matt where we need him. I think he's comfortable at safety now, knowing what to do, but you always get better playing the position. Now we have to get him familiarized with corner again, and we'll use him where we need him. In different packages, he could be at safety, or another he could be at corner. So it all depends on where we need him."

Significant Stats:

Starting defensive end Rusty Williams has not made a tackle in three games.

UCLA averaged 2.7 yards on second down against Colorado.

Colorado rushed for +4 yards 73% of the time in the second half of Saturday's game. 50% is usually good.

UCLA is last in rushing defense and total defense among Pac-10 teams, allowing 199.3 yards a game on the ground and 397 total yards per game. UCLA's defense is averaging 1.33 sacks per game, also last among Pac-10 teams.

Marcus Reese is tied for eighth among Pac-10 players in total tackles for the season with 24.

Cory Paus on the Colorado game:

"They tackled much better than we thought they had in the past. That was something we had noticed watching film. They definitely did a much better job against us. The fact that they didn't tackle well before might have affected our game plan, like trying to make some high-percentage passes and make them make the tackle.

"They had a lot of guys in the box. We did a good job of running the ball in the first series, but then for the most part after that they had a lot of guys flying to the ball and it seemed like they tackled better.

"They had a couple of different stunts and blitzes that got to me a couple of times. They were really anxious to play, and they had something to prove. They were like a wounded animal and they came up fighting. I don't think we matched their intensity at certain times in the game.

"Even though we got manhandled by Colorado, we still all think we're a good football team and know we have some great players. We're looking at it like – things happen. I know this team, we've stressed this season that we're going to stick together at all times. Team unity is the important issue and it's been very strong, even after the game. Everyone was patting each other on the back and telling each other that we'll come back next week. I think there are some good, positive feelings around here. I don't think we'll keep this one around very long. I think we'll get right back to work and focus on San Diego State. I'm glad we're playing another game before we get to the conference, so we can try to get a little better, win or lose, so that we're hitting on all cylinders by the time we hit the Pac-10."

Paus, on not throwing deep against Colorado:

"Yeah, it was a bit strange. I was first trying to take what the defense was giving me. And then I threw one deep to Craig that I missed. Then a couple of times they beat us on some protection issues that made me check it down or forced me not to be able to throw deep. I'm still positive about it. I completed 21 passes. There are some throws I'd like to have back, like the interception and the play right before that. But other than that, I think I did what I was coached to do. I ran the offense. As long as I continue to do that and try not to make any mistakes, we'll be okay."

Toledo on the Colorado game:

"Last week when I talked to you I told you Colorado had a good football team. And they are. They are a good football team. During the course of the football game and watching the video yesterday, there weren't a lot of mistakes in the game by either team. They didn't have any turnovers. We had one.

"Offensively we didn't have enough sustained drives. That really hurt us. We only got in the redzone twice. Interesting stat was on second down we averaged 2.7 yards. We threw the ball a couple of more times than we ran the ball on second down. We converted half of our third down plays. We were four of five in short yardage situations. There were some outstanding things that we did. No question we need to block better. And when I say that I'm not just talking about the offensive line. Obviously they have to block a little better. But our tight ends have to block better and our fullbacks have to block better. We'll address that. We had two 13-page drives at the end of the game. People look at the game and wonder what happened. On the ninth possession of the game, we went 13 plays and kicked a field goal. On the last possession of the game, we went 13 plays and scored a touchdown. And then we didn't get it back.

"Defensively, I thought we started really well. They had nine plays and missed a field goal. Three plays, they're out. Three plays, they're out. Four plays they get a touchdown. Then they go three plays and out. Then the last drive before half they go fifteen plays, six minutes and 15 seconds, but we hold them to a field goal. Now, there's a heckuva game at halftime. Then we go to the second half. We kick off to them and our defense is back on the field without a lot of rest and they go nine plays and a field goal. We're still fine. We're down by six. Then all of a sudden the interception, and our defense took the field, three plays later they scored. But again we battled back on offense. We fought back and we answered the challenge. They then went nine plays got a field goal, nine more plays, and then seven plays to end the game. There's not doubt, if you talk to the defensive coaches, we have to get off the field. You have to make a play and get off the field and we didn't do it. We need to get better defensively. We need to get off blocks.

"We need to tackle better. We need to fit right. We need to make sure if we have a gap that you stay in that gap and you don't get reached or turned out. It's just not the defensive line, it's the linebackers, and so many things that go into stopping the run. If one guy has an outside shoulder and he gets reached, all of a sudden you have a gap, and we have a linebacker having to play two gaps. And that hole is big when that happens. So we made a couple of mistakes in fitting right and keeping our arms free and it hurt us a little bit. And we're going to address that this week. We'll continue to get better.

"The only thing we hadn't seen offensively from Colorado was that quarterback throw-back pass. Everything else they did we saw. We practiced for it and prepared. We knew what was going on. I thought there were two good football teams on that field. And we came up short. I think the perception is you look worse than the game really was. But if you analyze the film and look at the stats, you think that was an interesting football game.

"I think they played hard. I think it's indicative that they played hard when you look at the last two quarters and we made two 13-play drives. Defensively, we held them to kicking four field goals. They made three of them. We stopping them on field goals. We played hard.

"We need to put it behind us, learn from the mistakes we made and get better. Once again, we need to say that Colorado is a good football team. They're going to win a lot of football games. Our big thing is we need to bounce back. Colorado lost and then they bounced back. We need to bounce back. There are a lot of teams in the country that lost games, and they're all going to try to bounce back."

On San Diego State:

"San Diego State, they're 0-4, and as Tom Craft has said, they've been in every football game. They're doing some very good things. They have two great receivers. The one leads the nation in receiving. Their quarterback, Adam Hall, is the second leading quarterback in the country for total offense. They'll spread us out, throw quick passes, no huddle and we have to perform. Defensively they dog and blitz you a lot, and try to create a lot of confusion."

Phil Snow said that Jarrad Page will start at strong safety for the San Diego State game, but also commented on Jibril Raymo: "He's real good. I wish I played him more. He played 13 snaps. I have to play him more. So, we'll get him in there."

Injury Update:

Linebacker Patrick Pierre-Louis (shoulder) and tight end Keith Carter (ankle) are both being called day-to-day. Pierre-Louis sat out most of practice Monday, but Carter participated and didn't looked hampered by his injury.

Game  Time Notes:

The San Diego State game will be broadcast on KSPN 1110.

The Oregon State game October 5th in Corvallis has been moved to 12:30 and will be broadcast on ABC.

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