Bruins Play in a Summer 7-on-7

The UCLA football team spends some of its summer taking on JC teams in 7-on-7s, but on Tuesday, their opponent didn't show up, so the Bruins took on the Bruins on Spaulding Field. BRO's illustrious Frank Strasser provides his report...

Beautiful Downtown Bruinville never looked better. Mouth-watering barbecue smoke curled above the sycamores outside Pauley Pavilion, a live jazz quartet played standards. A well-heeled crowd strolled campus to take in the ATP Countrywide Classic at UCLA Tennis Center. The Moody Blues once wrote a song about a Tuesday Afternoon like this. Me, I chose this amazingly lazy blue mid-summer day to play hookie from the hectic pace of real life and soak up some live UCLA Bruin 7-on-7 action at Spaulding Field.

In case you wondered, these practices are voluntary, formally set up, and supervised by the players only. Coaches on hand are a definite NCAA no-o. The last time out UCLA played two local college squads. As one player told me, they sometimes don't know until that very day who their opponent will be. Evidently ,Tuesday they couldn't line up an opponent, so the team squared off for an intra-squad scrimmage, pitting O vs. D.

Of course 7-on-7, as the name implies, features only front sevens, with no blitzes, pass rush or running plays. Official 7-on-7 tournaments use 3.5 second clocks to "simulate" a pass rush. Still, even though no linemen participate, most of the big uglies were on hand to cheer on their teammates, swap good-natured smack and razz the pretty boys & skill guys. A few players are usually MIA to attend summer classes, or tend to other personal business.

Some players opt not to run while tending to various minor injuries. Speaking of injuries, safety Dennis Keyes injured a hand last week on a freak play & may start Fall Camp in a cast. 

Of the players returning from injury last season, all seem to be dong well. Running back Chris Markey looks fit. Running back Ryen Carew looked well Tuesday, but didn't participate in drills. Receiver Brandon Breazell hasn't scrimmaged yet, but has looked smooth running routes. Receiver Marcus Everett didn't practice yesterday either, but worked out afterward with the Breazell and quarterbback Ben Olson. Also, receiver Patrick Cowan looked perfectly healthy, huddled up with his teammates, and he gave advice to the younger QBs. For whatever reason he didn't take any reps yesterday, however.

Some of the incoming freshmen have been on hand. Without a program and only tiny numbers on their shorts, though, it's tricky to properly identify everyone. So far I have spotted linebacker Steve Sloan, linebacker Akeem Ayers, tight end Nate Chandler, quarterback Chris Forcier, safety Glenn Love and cornerback Courtney Viney. While a few players have stood out so far to my eye, I'm content for now to let the 7-on-7 stats speak for themselves, To learn about any of the names mentioned that you are unfamiliar with, please feel free to consult the BRO football roster.


Ben Olson QB -

1. INC - Joe Cowan - Right Out - Nice Breakup - Trey Brown.
2. INC - Ryan Graves Out & Up Left 30 yards - Overthrow - Good Cover Rodney Van.
3. INT - Left Out Intended for ? Rodney Van Pick To DA HOUSE!!!
4. INC - Lob - Deep Left - Jump Ball JC vs RV Good effort al around.
5. Comp - Slant 10 Yards Gavin Ketchum left maybe 10 yards after catch?

McLeod-Bethel-Thompson (MacBeth) QB -

6. Comp - Justin Fareed - (Walk On Connection) - 5 yards middle
7. INC - Osaar Rasshan - 25 yards deep middle
8. Comp - Ryan Graves - 10 yards left out
9. Comp - Logan Paulsen - 12 yards - right flat
10. INC - Low pass to Shane The Train - left flat
11. INC to ??? - 10 yard curl right
12. INC Tipped pass - high floater with hang time - almost picked by a trio.
13. INC Deep Middle - 30 yards to Osaar Rasshan - Just barely high.

Ben Olson

14. Complete 15 yards curl right Jamil Turner
15. INC - Right (Floated late & high) Gavin Ketchum
16. INC - AV Dropped a tough catch, but a sure pick to the house.
17. INC - middle 5 yard curl - Logan Paulsen - Nice D - John Hale.
18. INT - Tipped By JC & defender X caught by Josh Edwards
19. INC - Deep right 35 yards Overthrow
20. Comp - 20 yards Gavin Ketchum nice throw & catch in stride mucho YAC.
21. Comp - Chane Moline - 15 yards (technically it was a 5 second sack)
22. INT - Chris Meadows slips on cut - Perfect throw - Moochie goes house.
23. Comp - JC 10 yards right - tight coverage by Mooch
24. Comp - Justin Fareed - 10 yard curl - way late safty valve toss
25. Comp - Ryan Graves - Curl left 15 yards


27. Intended for??? Michael Norris (Moochie) damn near took it house?
28. Comp Terence Austin - nice toss - in stride curl left 20 yards plus YAC.
29. Inc - Nice defensive Bat down Christian Ramirez intended for JC.
30. COMP - TD - Terence Austin -SWEET Out & up move on Mooch..
31. INC - Ryan Graves curl left nice D Steve Sloan.
32. INC - Jamil Turner drop? Nice low bullet Pass interference?
33. Comp - Chris Meadows - 10 yard - curl right
34. Comp - Justin Fareed - Curl right
35. Comp/Sack? 5 yard middle curl to Phantom RB???
36. Comp/Out of Bounds/Instant replay? Terence Austin great grab - 40 yards
37. INC - deep middle - JC - perfect toss - Great D Chris Horton

Ben Olson

38. Comp - Logan Paulsen 15 yard left out.
39. Comp - Chris Meadows - Sweet over shoulder sideline grab - 40 some yards.
40. INC - Ryan Graves - Out & Up - (ALMOST) 30 yards
41. INC - Unknown soldier - late - way high - left flat
42. Coverage Sack - Total Leather Lunch
43. Comp - Joe Cowan deep middle post 30 plus yards
44. Comp - Ryan Graves - Curl 15 yards plus major YACage
46. Comp - Graves - 20 yards left out
47. INC - Terence Austin - Deep Left
48. Comp - deep curl right Joe Cowan - 25 yards
49. INC - ??? 25 yards deep left

Chris Forcier QB -

50. Comp - Dominique Johnson - 25 yards right "future is now"
51. Comp - DJ Again- 15 yards left curl plus YAC (see what I mean?)
52. Comp - TA - 10 yards right
53. Comp - JC - late left Touchdown!!!
54. Cover Sack - C-Force flashed his wheels too late. But WOOOSH!!!
55. Cover Sack - Wheels Schmeeels? BROstradamus my ass. Fire Deja!!!
56. Comp - Adam Heater - 20 yards
57. Comp - Shannon Tevaga??? Can you say RUMBLE -ROOSKI!!!
58. Comp - Adam Heater? (Still recovering from the Tevaga Express???

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