Steve Sloan is Soaking It All Up

Steve Sloan, one of the top middle linebackers to sign in the class of 2007, is on campus in Westwood, and he's been following around Christian Taylor, soaking up as much as he can from the defensive leader. Sloan talked about his transition to college...

When Steve Sloan committed to UCLA last spring, he cited the coaching staff as one of the primary reasons he chose the Bruins. Now that he's on the Westwood campus for summer school and summer workouts, and even with the coaches not being present, he's getting a lot of personal attention from a "coach".

"We call Christian Taylor, "Coach Christian", because he basically knows every in and out of the defense and rarely does he do anything wrong on the field. With him being ahead of me, it gives me a good tool to use. I'm following him a lot right now. I follow John Hale too, but I really pay attention to Christian because of his position. We watch film and talk about the defense," said Sloan. "I spent some time with him during spring break just watching a lot of film and getting use to the offenses we'll see."

Sloan, out of Archbishop Mitty in San Jose, is one of the few freshman who have a chance to play early, and he's hoping to soak up as much knowledge as he can to ready him for fall camp.

"I'm expecting to go into training camp ready to compete, I'm 6-3 and weigh 235 right now. I'm looking for the number two spot at middle linebacker and to get in on special teams." said Sloan. "We had some 11-on-11 (Tuesday), working the offense and the defense with running and passing and I thought I did really good. It was the first time we've done that so it was good to work with everyone."

While Sloan said that Taylor has clearly been a leader on the field and off it this summer, a few other upperclassmen have stood out to him in their leadership role.

"Christian and Chris Horton, Ben Olson, Pat Cowan, they basically kind of run everything we do," said Sloan. "We've just been following what they do as an example."

Sloan moved down to Westwood from San Jose in late June and started summer school right off the bat. With classes winding down, he's looking forward to the start of fall camp on August 6th.

‘I moved down on June 24 and started summer school. I am taking two classes, but we're done next week. I got used to it the first few days. But I'm looking forward to starting double days and football and not having to start classes until late in September. That's pretty sweet."

Sloan has been rooming with Glenn Love during the summer, and the two share a suite with Courtney Viney and Brian Price.

"We're all hanging out together," said Sloan. "None of us have any other friends that are freshman besides football players, so we're just basically hanging out together, all the freshman. We're becoming friends with a lot of the older guys too. What I liked most about UCLA is that everyone is cool with each other. The offense and the defense. All the offensive guys hang out with the defensive guys."

Sloan has been waking up early each morning to work out and the football fan in him said that its not tough getting up at the crack of down to lift and run.

"I love football that much, its fun for me to do," said Sloan. "I thought getting up early would be tough to do, but its been great. Doc and Randy Horton, I can tell they know what they're doing. My speed is getting up there."

Sloan said he's also all the way back from an ankle break he suffered in the first round of the playoffs.

"My ankle is fine, I'm feeling great physically," said Sloan.

Growing up just south of Stanford, Sloan has had September 1st circled for a while.

"If I make the traveling squad, there is going to be a big squad there of my family and friends," said Sloan. "My dad bought like 20 tickets already for it. I hope I'm there. It will be cool to play my first game so close to home."

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