Ware Makes the Switch

Sophomore defensive back Matt Ware is switching back this week from safety to the original position he played as a freshman, cornerback, and he shares his thoughts...

How do you feel about the move back to cornerback for the San Diego State game?

"I'm excited about it. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't worked at corner at all this year, but I went back this week and it has felt good. I feel like I can step into place and do all the things I did before, and maybe even a little better."

Are you more comfortable at corner or at safety at this point?

"I've played corner the most at this level. So, yeah, I feel the most comfortable there. I was still getting comfortable at safety. It's a bit different, reading the run and the pass, and then reacting on it. I was probably feeling the most comfortable in the second quarter when I got hurt. I was still getting confidence there and now I have to go and play corner. But it's fine. I know what I'm doing. I now have a better grasp of what the entire defense is doing, and know what I'm supposed to be doing at cornerback."

How did you get injured? Is it the ankle?

"The ankle is fine. I hyper-extended my knee in the second quarter last week. That's why I have this big thing on my leg." [Ware played without the brace yesterday]

When did the coaches tell you they might want to move you back to corner?

"They came to me pretty recently and said that they were going to put the best players out there, especially for the matchups. Obviously, because having a guy who is 6-5 go against a guy who is a lot smaller is tough."

At corner, is it easier to matchup against a bigger or smaller receiver?

"It doesn't really matter too much. It's basically the same technique. When you're bigger, it's harder for them to get around you, especially in bump coverage. With a little guy, you always have the speed and quickness to contend with, so you have to have quicker feet. The guy who is bigger, he'll try to muscle up, and it's probably a better matchup for me."

The coaches have said that you might go back and forth from corner to safety during the game. Is that difficult to do?

We've worked on it during the week, so in the game it wouldnt be the first time I do it. So it won't be that hard. As long as you use your eyes, and read the keys, you'll be allright."

So, even though you're switching back to a position you've already played, you have played four positions at UCLA since you've been here – cornerback, safety, quarterback and wide receiver. Are you shooting to play every position by the time you graduate?

"Sure. I'll get in there and play some offensive line. Seriously, I'll do whatever it takes to help the team win and whatever the coaches want me to do."

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