Moore Reacts to Scott Situation

One of the main reasons Los Angeles Dorsey's Rahim Moore, the #2-ranked safety in the country, verbally committed to UCLA was assistant coach Eric Scott. Moore gives us his reaction to the recent events concerning Scott and his thoughts on his commitment to UCLA...

Rahim Moore (6-2, 195), the top defensive back prospect in the west and the #2 ranked safety in the country by, said recent events concerning UCLA assistant coach Eric Scott will not affect his commitment to UCLA.

Moore is very close to Scott. The wide receiver coach was one of the primary reasons Moore committed to UCLA, Moore will admit. Moore was the first player that the Bruin staff offered in the class of 2008, and he committed not long after Eric Scott was hired by UCLA.

So, after Scott was arrested for burglary and UCLA put him on administrative leave, the natural thing is to wonder whether Moore would reconsider his UCLA commitment. "Not at all," Moore said. "Coach Scott and I talked and he said to not worry about him and to just keep my focus and take care of myself. Everything is going to work out for him."

In fact, Moore says, since he's been told the incident will be resolved, he's spent his time focusing on other things. He said, "I really haven't spent a lot of time thinking about what happened. My big concern is getting myself a championship. I'm working hard and my team is working hard because we want to win a championship our senior year, and leave our mark at Dorsey."

When asked what he'd do if Scott weren't retained by UCLA, Moore was pretty certain. "It wouldn't make a difference to me," said Moore. "I'm still a Bruin. That's my school and I'm going there."

Moore does intend to take a few official visits this fall, but he had that intention before Scott's incident. He plans to visit Florida and Georgia, and possibly Michigan, all of whom have offered, and he has a couple of unique reasons why he wants to take those trips.

"First, I've never even been on a plane before," said Moore. "I want to visit Florida and Georgia because I know the environment in the South is different than it is out here. Football is like a religion down there at some of those places so I want to see what its like."

Moore is also taking the trips because he generally believes it could benefit him in the future. He says: "Some of the coaches could end up being in the NFL and I want to be able to have a chance to meet them and talk with them and have them see me and get to know me. I want them to be able to say they remember meeting me and that I was respectful and a good person and a hard worker. Just because I didn't choose to go to their school, they will still remember what kind of person I am."

Auburn and Nebraska are two other schools Moore said he may think about visiting.

But for right now, Moore is focusing on his high school season, and isn't troubling himself with the Scott situation. The Dons will play Fremont High from Utah in their season opener, then Jordan and Santa Margarita before a big intra-sectional game against Birmingham, a game that Moore is greatly anticipating.

Moore said, "That game is going to have all kinds of college players in it. My guys like Jet-Ski (Johnathan Franklin), Donovan Carter, and Milton Knox. All kinds of UCLA guys."

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