Tuesday Report and Video

A key true freshman has to miss practice, and another suffers an injury; On video, Coach Karl Dorrell answered questions from the media after Tuesday's practice, talking about a couple of starters who sat out today, how quarterback Ben Olson looked on his second day, and more...

Freshman defensive tackle Brian Price was held out of practice because of a notification from the NCAA Clearinghouse that more paperwork needs to be filed for his eligibility.

Price came out to practice, then left the field.

Senior cornerback Rodney Van showed up to practice with a boot on his left foot. He said that he suffered a foot strain in practice Monday, but had x-rays Tuesday morning and the were negative. He expected to be back in practice by the end of the week.

Freshman running back Raymond Carter tweaked his knee toward the end of the practice in the freshman/walk-on scrimmage. He needed to be helped off, but walked on it afterward, but with a limp. His status is uncertain.

Senior safety Chris Horton sat out practice. (Karl Dorrell, in his post-practice comments below, talked about Horton)

Chase Moline, the defensive tackle, and defensive tackle/running back Kenneth Lombard are not participating in practice.

Lombard, in switching to running back, gave up his scholarship to do so.

Quarterback Ben Olson had a much better day Tuesday than he did Monday. He completed a very high percentage of passes, actually completing 14 in a row in 7-on-7s and 11-on-11s.

Some of the highlights:

-- A 20-yard out to Gavin Ketchum that was thrown with good heat.
-- A deep sideline ball to Dominique Johnson, who made a very good catch over freshman cornerback Courtney Viney, for about 40 yards.
-- Off a pump fake, Olson hit a streaking Terrence Austin down the sideline for about 50 yards.
-- Olson put nice touch on a throw to fullback Michael Pitre on a wheel route where Pitre showed good acceleration up the sideline for at least a 60-yard TD.
Olson was generally on target, being accurate on his short throws and having good arm strength on his throws down the field, while showing very good timing on quick outs. He did throw one pick when trying to force a ball down the middle. The pass was tipped initially and then intercepted by safety Bret Lockett.

It did appear that Olson and the 1s worked a little bit more against the defensive 2s Tuesday.

Olson definitely has a very deep collection of receivers to go to. Making good catches on the day were Ketchum, Johnson, Pitre, Austin, Joe Cowan, Brandon Breazell, Marcus Everett, Logan Paulsen, William Snead, and more.

Everett dropped a nice ball thrown by Olson after getting it knocked out of his hands on a good play by Trey Brown.

Converted quarterback Osaar Rasshan looks to have the physical tools to be a receiver. He's very tall, looking at least as tall as Ketchum, and moves well in the drills. He looked good catching one ball, but then looked very raw catching another.

Overall, it feels like the offensive and defensive coaches are going quicker into scheme run-throughs. It's probably a matter of the team having so many veterans that they felt they could get into the scheme quicker.

Junior safety Aaron Ware looks to be getting some consistent praise from the coaches for his work in the drills.

Freshman safety Glenn Love will no doubt redshirt, with the depth at the position and the fact he physically has to get bigger. But he's showing very good agility in the drills, looking quick for how long he is.

Quarterback prospect Kevin Prince from Encino (Calif.) Crespi was at practice and talked to quarterback Ben Olson following practice. Obviously the two have an LDS mission to discuss.

Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice --

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