Scott Reinstated By UCLA Athletic Department

After being reinstated by UCLA on Saturday, receivers coach Eric Scott talked with the media following the afternoon practice. Here is what he had to say and UCLA's official release on Scott's reinstatement...

After being reinstated by UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero and head coach Karl Dorrell, receivers coach Eric Scott spoke briefly with the media following Saturday's practice.

On his reinstatement
"It's the greatest feeling in the world."

When asked what happened on July 24....
"The newspapers pretty much put it out there, there's a million and one versions. I don't want to go into detail about it. The DA made his decision, the media did their thing, and it all worked out right. Whatever happened it worked out for the best."

On what the process taught him
"I learned that I never want to feel like this again. The experience is not one that I would wish on anyone in this position. That was the biggest thing I learned."

On whether or not he will need to catch up...
"I've had the installation stuff before it started. I know day-to-day whats been the story, I've been following every day. As far as the paper work I know what's going on, I just need to see where (the receivers) are."

When asked what he'll say to his players...
"It's back to business as usual. There's nothing to discuss."

When asked if he was confident that it would all work out.
"I was certain that everything would be OK, I was more hurt and embarrased for the university and all the coaches that they had to even go through the experience also."

On his conversation with Karl Dorrell on Saturday.
"We discussed what all employees of the university are expected to be. I'm just following those same guidelines."

Scott also said he mentioned a few things about his past to Karl Dorrell during the interview process, but did not comment on the application question about a criminal history.


Here is the official release from UCLA on Eric Scott's reinstatement

Eric Scott, who has been on administrative leave since July 25, has been reinstated to the UCLA coaching staff, head football coach Karl Dorrell announced today.

Scott, in his first season as the wide receivers coach, was placed on leave following his arrest on July 24. A subsequent investigation by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department resulted in the Los Angeles District Attorney's office declining to file charges against Scott.

"We are glad that this situation has reached its conclusion through the legal process," said Dorrell. "After extensive deliberation with Coach Scott and a clear and thorough evaluation of the entire matter by the campus, we have decided to reinstate Eric to the coaching staff."

During the investigation, previous incidents in Scott's background were discovered.

"Eric and I have spoken at length about his background and his previous incidents, including the ones in which I was unaware, and the circumstances surrounding them", said Dorrell. "Eric fully understands and is very clear on the importance of being a good role model and the standard of behavior expected of a coach at UCLA. He also recognizes that UCLA has given him the opportunity to further his professional career and positively impact the lives of many student-athletes".

"I am grateful to Coach (Karl) Dorrell and the UCLA administration for allowing me to resume my position on the UCLA coaching staff," said Scott. "I am glad that this situation has been resolved and I am looking forward to getting back to work.

"I am sorry for any embarrassment I have caused the football team, the athletic program and the University. I look forward to building the respect and trust of anyone that has been hurt or disappointed by this incident."

"Eric's reinstatement is the result of extensive reflection and a thorough process that has taken place over the last two weeks," said athletic director Dan Guerrero, who met with Scott and also discussed the matter with University administration. "While being supportive of the decision, I also reinforced with Eric the standards expected at UCLA."

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