Sunday Practice Report

The offense has one of its best practices of fall camp, a couple of receivers stand out and the Bruins receive a scare when a starting defensive lineman comes up limping during Sunday's lone practice...

The offense had a clearly good day on Sunday. Ben Olson was as sharp as he has been in camp, consistently looking off of his receivers, making pretty good throws and avoiding interceptions. He still floated a couple beyond the reach of his receivers, but at least one of those looked like he was trying to throw it away (looking to avoid the two-hand touch).

His receivers also had a great day.

Osaar Rashaan is advancing by leaps and bounds. In the 7 on 7, Rashaan had a one handed grab where he had to adjust on the fly to a throw that was behind him and caught the ball over Courtney Viney. He then ran it in for a touchdown, with Viney unable to run him down.

On a play in the 11 on 11, he was bracketed by two corners, but still managed to get enough space to have the ball hit him in the hands, although it was then broken up. He looks huge and uses that size well, getting his body in front of corners and making adjustments to bad throws by just muscling by the cornerbacks.

UCLA's other big receiver, Dominique Johnson, also had a number of good catches, including one where he was blanketed pretty well by Alterraun Verner but still managed to make the grab on a nice deep ball from Pat Cowan. Verner and Johnson both went to the ground with their hands on the ball, but it was Johnson who came up with it.

Speaking of receivers, Terrence Austin was back in practice and looked fine.

Kahlil Bell appears to have gained some quickness in the offseason. In the red zone drill, he ran off the right tackle and beat everyone to the corner of the endzone.

The Bruins ended the practice with some field goal practice. The entire team stood around Kai Forbath and tried to generate some crowd noise. Forbath was able to knock down the field goal and was then mobbed by his teammates.

Kevin Brown was carted to the locker room, but he was able to walk, albeit gingerly, on the leg, which appeared to be a quad injury.

Reggie Dunn, who signed with Oregon State in February, but will play this fall at El Camino, attended practice, with his left arm in a sling after having surgery. Dunn has long held UCLA as one of his preferred destinations and with two of his high school teammates, Justin Edison and Akeem Ayers playing at UCLA, the Bruins are a possibility when he is done with JC ball.

Karl Dorrell after Sunday's practice:

Opening statement:
"Good practice this morning. Again, we went back to doing some short yardage goal line. The offense had the upper hand on the goal line today. Had two quick scores and did some nice things in short yardage too. All those are signs of an offense progressing and getting better. The defense gets pissed, obviously, when the offense makes any play of any kind on them. You like that kind of competition on the field.

Kevin Brown tweaked his quad, it's not his knee, it's his quad. [Which quad?] I knew it was his quad, I didn't ask him ‘Is it your right quad Kevin' I just asked him what the injury was. So he should be fine. We're hoping that's the case. I don't like talking about injuries because you guys write it down. And I know I read everything about Stanford right now. And the less that you guys know then I know that's it's not getting reported. But I am telling you the factual actions of the injuries, but I'm not going to tell you anything more than that. I read everything about my opponent, and I'm trying to restrict as much as he knows about me. Other than that it was pretty damn good.

Good practice. Good Sunday practice. We'll finish this afternoon with a walk through and some film, and away we go. We finished our first week in real good shape. Really pleased with how the first week went. We've done a lot of work and guys are getting better. Our goals are still intact."

In what areas would you like to see the offense improve?
"Well you want to make sure you can play with some consistency. You saw some great plays today in the third down drills. Receivers were making some plays down the field. We were making some big throws, and a couple of big runs on some draws and stuff like that. Those were real good signs of an offense that's coming together. Things are just falling into place with repetition. You just want to see consistency now. This team is old enough to know what our expectations are, and I think that they are understanding that better."

Talk about Kahlil Bell, has he seemed faster to you?
"He does. Our whole team stayed here through the summer and trained. Our team speed has really improved overall. Kahlil Bell touched the ball quite a few times. He and Chris look explosive. They've got some burst to them. And the quick, shifty feet and can change movement and go. Those are things we worked on in the offseason."

Chris Horton and Shannon Tevaga injury updates:
"Horton's closer, probably, than Shannon. Shannon's having a lot of pain in his wrist, even though we did x-rays and they were negatives. We're waiting for that to subside. He's really not comfortable as a lineman, because all you do is punch and punch. You really can't do this job effectively. Horton's out there running around. He's probably at 75-80% but we just want to bring him along slowly and make sure it's not a reinjury."

Too early to worry since they are veterans?
"Yeah, it's the first week of camp and there are a couple more. Those guys know our defense pretty well, and our offense. So we'll get them back in a timely fashion."

Rodney Van update:
"He did a little bit more today. We're limiting his reps, we don't want that to be a chronic injury. We're trying to bring him along at a pace where he feels good about it and he's not getting progressively sore."

Pitre, limiting to have him out without much experience at fullback?
"Yeah. He's our most experienced fullback. He missed all of spring. WE've had some guys who have had some reps in the spring that know our system and are doing it well. Pitre was doing a great job his first three or four days, but now with his knee we have to get the inflammation to calm down. Those other guys know their stuff, but we're missing the depth. Theriot and Chad Moline really know the offense, but those guys can't take the bulk of all the reps, so we're just missing a body. But he'll be back soon. We took some cc's out of his knee, but he's still got some swelling so we're going to wait until that calms down a bit."

What have you seen from Olson that you maybe didn't see last year?
"He feels more comfortable being in the leadership position now and managing this offense. I felt today he was a lot sharper. You get to that point in camp where you have had so much installation thrown at you that you hit that point where it starts to slow down and then you're able to digest everything. Now he can just keep reviewing that and be as sharp as he can be. He looked like he was having that kind of sharpness today."

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