's Top 300 for 2008 unveiled "The 300" first time a few months ago and, after summer, here's the first revision of the top 300 list for the class of 2008. UCLA has the third most commitments on the list with 12, with safety commit Rahim Moore leading the way...

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The second version of the National 300 has now been updated. There are not any changes at the top with linebacker Arthur Brown (Wichita, Ka.) leading the way as the nation's top prospect. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor (Jeannette, Pa.), wide receiver Julio Jones (Foley, Ala.), running back Darrell Scott (Ventura, Calif.), and safety Will Hill (Jersey City, N.J.) claim spots two through five respectively.

The National Top 300 will consist of all the five and four star prospects in the rankings. The top 50 prospects in the nation are all given five stars. The remaining 250 have been assigned four stars. If players were previously assigned four-stars but didn't make this current National Top 300 then they were given three stars and ranked accordingly.

Leading the way on the National Top 300 is the state of Texas with 41 players. California has 34 prospects listed while Florida has 31. The college team with the most is currently Notre Dame (15). Texas (13), UCLA (12), USC(11), Michigan (10) and Miami (10) all have ten or more, while Texas A&M, Ohio State and Oklahoma have nine and Georgia has eight.

The most amazing number regarding the National 300 is the number of commitments – 185! That's over 60%.

One position dominated the list and that's wide receiver, where 49 wideouts made the National 300. There were also 46 offensive line prospects, 39 running backs and 36 linebackers. Only 16 quarterbacks were listed on the 300.

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