VIDEO: Dorrell On Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks about how Tuesday morning's practice was perhaps the toughest of fall camp. A receiver has to leave practice, and Dorrell goes over the status of the injured, and also talks about what he thinks is the best depth he's had since he's been at UCLA...

Starting offensive guard Shannon Tevaga returned to Spaudling Field with his wrist wrapped, but he practiced, although for just limited reps.

Converted receiver Osaar Rasshan left practice complaining of dizziness. It's uncertain if he suffered a concussion.

Defensive tackle Kevin Brown returned to practice after sitting out a couple of days with a contusion on his thigh.

One of the first drills today was on kick-off coverage, with a kick-off return team blocker running backward and then turning to take on a potential tackler. Bret Lockett, the junior, was outstanding in this drill, beating his man down the field and getting to the bag every time. One of the best blockers was Rasshan. Freshman tight end Nate Chandler, who has put on good size since high school, flattened Ryen Carew.

In the linebacker drills, freshman Akeem Ayers definitely looks like the dog days of fall camp are getting to him, appearing sluggish. Linebacker coach Chuck Bullough actually told Ayers he had to pick it up and "hit someone." Ayers looks great physically, but the jury is definitely still out whether he has the quickness for the position. He looks more like a future Bruce Davis.

Justin Edison, the freshman defensive end, looks good physically and has had some moments in the one-on-ones with the offensive linemen.

Another true freshman that definitely looks very impressive physically is Mike Harris, the offensive tackle. He is listed at 6-4, but he's easily 6-5, if not 6-6. He looks at least as tall as Micah Kia.

Kia is having a rough fall camp, since he's having to go up against Davis on just about every rep.

Senior cornerback Trey Brown had another good day, having a couple of excellent break-ups and stepping in front of a Ben Olson pass on a hitch to pick it off. Brown has been one of the best handful of players so far this camp.

The offense struggled and probably had its worst day of fall camp so far. In about one hour of 7-on-7s or 11-on-11s, in different situations – third and long, second and long, redzone, etc. – the offense might have had only 3 or 4 positive plays. The running game was stuffed all day, and the passing game couldn't generally get a ball in the vicinity of an open receiver, that's if the quarterback wasn't sacked or the snap fumbled. The 1s couldn't even get off a positive play against the #2 defensive unit.

Ben Olson had a rough day, under a great deal of pressure, with very few receivers open, throwing the ball behind his targets quite often.

The issue for this offense could be the lack of receivers who can get separation. Without it, Olson will be forced to make perfect throws, or check down and make quick decisions, which so far in his career hasn't been his strong suit.

The one thing to be said about the offense is that it is more diversified than last season, with a bigger variety of plays coming out of a bigger variety of formations.

The team has been practicing on the real grass side of Spaulding for the last two days, but the field is already pretty torn up.

Kicker Kai Forbath kicked fairly well at the beginning of practice, then had to kick two 37-yarders with the team crowded around him and yelling at him at the end of practice. He missed one and made the second.

Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice --

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