Dorrell Video and Practice Notes

Head Coach Karl Dorrell cuts practice a bit short Friday morning in preparing for Saturday's scrimmage. On video after practice he talked about what he hopes to get out of Saturday, with both the offense and the defense. Ben Olson has another solid day and there is an elite recruit from the Midwest in attendance...

It was a pretty uneventful practice Friday morning. It was in shells, and the coaches shortened it, trying to give the players a little break before another practice this afternoon and the scrimmage Saturday.

The most noteworthy of the morning was that Willie Mobley, the defensive tackle prospect from Eden Prairie (Minn.) High, was at practice. Mobley starts school Monday, and it's pretty significant that he chose to spend his last weekend before school in Westwood for UCLA's fall scrimmage. Mobley, if you remember, attended UCLA's 3-day camp back in June. UCLA hasn't offered Mobley yet, waiting on a slight academic improvement, but it's a good bet to expect one after Mobley's first semester this fall.

Receiver Osaar Rasshan practiced without limitation Friday morning, returning from concussive symptoms. He had a usual-type of Rasshan day – on one play being open but dropping a ball that hit him in the hands, and then catching a nice fade in the corner of the endzone for a touchdown.

Quarterback Ben Olson had a solid practice, and has generally done fairly well the last three practices. He's throwing a strong ball, but still tends to struggle somewhat on making quick decisions. Again, it's difficult to say, but contributing to that could be that the defense has the offense pretty well scouted out.

In the OL/DL one-on-ones, Brigham Harwell continued to be very difficult to block. Defensive end Nikola Dragovic looked hard to contain coming off the edge. Jeff Miller ran right around offensive tackle Sean Sheller.

Olson, in the 11-on-11, completed a couple of nice throws to tight end Logan Paulsen, one on a precise 15-yard out, and another that went up top for about 25 yards.

On a deep sideline ball thrown by Olson, receiver Brandon Breazell was covered well by cornerback Rodney Van, but Breazell snatched the ball in the air from Van.

Senior running back Chris Markey looks like he is one of the few players that isn't fatigued, appearing very fresh. It could be he looks quicker with the white shoes he's been sporting so far in fall camp.

There is a breakout of mohawks on the team.

There doesn't seem to be too much shake-up in terms of the two-deep on either side of the ball, even though the scrimmage on Saturday could determine a few second-string spots. On the offensive line, the second string is still Sheller and Aleksey Lanis at the tackle spots, with Nick Ekbatani and Nathaniel Skaggs at the guard positions with walk-on Micah Reed at center.

It's still shocking to see how redshirt freshmen offensive guards Sonny Tevaga and Brandon Bennett have both changed physically. They each have easily lost 40-60 pounds and don't look anything like their former selves. In the OL/DL one-on-ones, both have been doing pretty well. In fact, Bennett has surprised a bit, looking like he has definitely gained some quickness as a result of the poundage shedding. Last season it was tough projecting either of them as contributors down the line in their UCLA careers, but the way they look and move now you'd have to think they have definite chances to be just that while at UCLA and, down the line, even have a chance to compete for starting positions.

Dorrell on Friday Morning --

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