Latest on Price's Eligibility

The much-anticipated freshman defensive tackle, Brian Price, still isn't participating in fall practice because he has yet be determined eligible by the NCAA. Here's the latest from good sources on what's happening with the situation...

The issue over the eligibility of freshman defensive tackle Brian Price could be protracted, according to sources close to the situation.

The NCAA could take weeks to sort through the paperwork that UCLA and the Price family have recently sent. And it's not primarily the NCAA's fault since a great deal of the paperwork, according to sources, should have been sent to the NCAA quite a long time ago.

Much of the paperwork that is now being required – grade transcripts from Crenshaw and another technical school, and SAT scores – are months, if not years, delinquent. There is quite a bit of paperwork from a couple of years ago that should have been sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse by Price's junior year in high school that has only been sent recently.

Sources close to the situation believe that if the paperwork had been sent on time Price's eligibility wouldn't have been an issue. The NCAA, however, doesn't look kindly on what they might deem as after-the-fact revisions to transcripts and test scores.

A source said that Price's grades and test scores are, in fact, pretty solid.

Price attended a technical school a couple of years ago, and now, this late in the eligibility process, the NCAA could question the school's legitimacy, especially since the technical school is not accredited. The school itself might be called on to defend and document its legitimacy, which could also delay a ruling on Price's eligibility.

A source told us that the NCAA received some of the vital paperwork as late as Tuesday.

UCLA could still allow Price to practice conditionally, but it's unlikely, especially since Monday is the last day any college freshman football player can practice whose eligibility isn't certified by the NCAA.

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