Harwell This Morning, Cowan This Afternoon

Just when you thought the UCLA football team had gone uncharacteristically unscathed through its fall scrimmage on Saturday, two significant players get injured on Monday. Karl Dorrell talked about the injury to quarterback Patrick Cowan and the new #2 quarterback...

Quarterback Patrick Cowan pulled his hamstring at the very end of practice.

Defensive tackle Brigham Harwell, after suffering a thigh bruise in the morning practice, sat out the afternoon session.

Here are Karl Dorrell's post-practice comments:

"Good response from this morning. Got some good quick work, good redzone, good two minute."

Any idea on Cowan?

"No, he tweaked his hamstring. We don't know exactly what happened. I pulled him out immediately. He wanted to stay in. We'll se what he's like."

Any further thoughts on the scrimmage?

"We had a chance to look at the tape and it was as good as we thought it was after the scrimmage. The offense did some good things. There are still some things we need to improve on. The defense played well for the most part. It was a good mid-term grade. The whole thing was to see if we could get a good mid-term grade and then have a strong finish. I was very pleased."

How has Josh Edwards looked?

"He's done well, even on our special teams. He's been very effective, he's trying to be an impact player. He's a reserve linebacker and he's doing a good job catching up with our schemes. He's done a nice job."

What's McLeod Bethel-Thompson's familiarity with the offense?

"He's pretty familiar. Has he had many reps? No. That's why we play the game in practice. It's just like any position, sometimes you're a play away from being a player. Given what happened to Cowan today, although we don't know the extent of it, (Thompson) has got to be ready to be the second guy.

Do you like him as a quarterback?

"Yeah, he's a good player. Smart, very bright. He's come a long way in a single year."

Was he a recruited walk-on?


Any conclusion on who is going to be the return guy?

"Matt Slater did a nice job. We think he is going to get the nod. I think Slater did a nice job starting up there. The first kick off return group did a nice job, that's pretty much our starting return group."

So, it's Slater and Khalil Bell?


What are Bethel-Thompson's strengths?

"He's smart. Very accurate thrower. Good size, good kid, all those things. He hasn't had much of a chance, but he's going to get a chance now."

Did you sort out the punt-return situation?

It's going to be Terrence Austin and Alterraun Verner. They'll be rotating in the game."


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