"The Offense Will Be Something to See"

Gavin Ketchum, the junior wide receiver, has had a good fall camp, and he talks about it, the difference and transition with a new offensive coordinator, how the offense will be different this season, and more...

Gavin Ketchum answered a few questions for us after practice Monday afternoon.

How's camp gone for you?

"It's gone pretty well, I'm just doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

Has there been much of a transition under new offensive coordinator Jay Norvell?

"He introduced a lot of new schemes in the spring. It was pretty much a new offense.  Spring was a big install, we got a lot of stuff down, now we're just refining it. It's all comnig together in these last couple weeks."

Do you think the offense is going to be opened up?

"Definitely. We're spreading the ball out and getting a lot more wideouts involved. The passing game is going to be improved."

With that in mind, do you expect to get some more opportunities?

"Definitely. The ball is being spread around more and thrown to more people. Hopefully I'm one of them come game time."

Do you feel comfortable with Ben Olson?

"Yeah. Ben is making all the reads. He's really coming a long. He's doing really well as a quarterback and we're all on the same page in terms of quarterbacks and wide receivers."

Are you still going to be contributing with the special teams unit?

"YeaH, I'm still on the punt return and kick-off return. Special teams is really important. A lot of people don't think that it is, but it is. Championship teams need to have good special teams. That's one thing that UCLA really takes pride in. We spent half of practice on special teams today. We're trying to get that sound so that it can be a big factor for us winning."

You had a big punt block against Stanford, is that something you particularly work on?

"We work on the technique, punt return in general. We scheme in general. Punt-block, they teach us how to take the ball off the foot, and how the second guy coming in recovers it."

Are you confident that the offense will have an improved year?

"Definitely. Our offense will be something to see."

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