Richard To Narrow List

The big quarterback prospect from Indiana who visited UCLA unofficially this last summer, Clayton Richard, still has a pretty big list of schools. But he'll probably be narrowing it down soon...

Clayton Richard, 6-5, 228, Lafayette (Ind.) Mccutcheon, will be cutting his list down soon, according to his father, Barry.

"He has offers from about twenty-some colleges right now," Barry Richard said. "It's still a long list of schools Clayton is considering. He's just been so busy with football and academics that he really hasn't had time to narrow it down yet. Plus, our thinking is, the longer we wait the more information you have about coaches, the head coach or the position coach, if there is a possibility of a change being made. And you like to see how a team does over the course of the season. So we haven't been in any hurry as of yet."

He did provide a list of schools that he said his son was considering: Colorado, UCLA, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Tennessee, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Stanford, LSU and Clemson. "There are probably others, too," Mr. Richard said.

When asked what schools his son had visited unofficially this summer, Mr. Richard said, "UCLA, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Tennessee, Auburn, and Virginia." He said that, when he made his trip to the Los Angeles area and visited UCLA his son was very impressed. "The UCLA coaches were extremely nice. He was impressed all the way around. The campus was great, and the Rose Bowl. They've expressed strong interest in him.".

One of the big issues for Richard was the baseball factor, but Mr. Richard said that just about every college that is recruiting his son now has allayed their baseball worries. "Everybody has been so nice to him. They've let him know that however he wants to play baseball is fine. We've been upfront with everybody. Clayton would like to possibly get drafted and then play baseball in the summer and college football in the fall. Every program has said they're fine with that. But he also might not sign and just play baseball in college."

Richard has been averaging about 275 yards passing a game so far his senior season, and four games into the season, had 10 touchdown passes and had completed better than 60% of his throws. His father talks proudly about his son's accomplishments, on and off the field. "Clayton is having a good year, and a busy year. His schedule is so hectic. Their team is ranked #1. He has a pretty strict weight-lifting and training regimen. He's in all honors academics. He's ranked first in his class, out of class of 325. So, he's a busy young man."

Even so, Mr. Richard said that he understands that they'll have to narrow down his son's list of schools soon. Clayton hasn't arranged any official visits as of yet, but the Richards know he can only visit a maximum of five and that he'll have to pick those five soon and start making the arrangements for the official trips. "Maybe in the next month we'll sit down and sort all through it," Mr. Richard said. "Probably in the next month we'll narrow it down." Mr. Richard said his son really didn't have an idea how many official visits he would take.

A big factor in Richard's decision could be early playing time, though. "We'll look at what is available," Mr. Richard said. "Not only will we look at coaching stability, but the kind of recruiting class the school is having. Where Clayton feels the most comfortable, the coaches, the recruiting class, those are all key factors. And then if playing time is available. Like at Colorado, with the situation with Craig Ochs leaving school, Colorado is really recruiting him heavily. We feel that since he is so physically developed he could go into a program as a freshman and play. I mean, he bench presses 315 pounds. Indiana is one with the potential for early playing time as well. The availability of playing time is definitely an interesting factor to look at."

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