Friday HS Football Focus: 2007 Schedule

During the high school football season, BRO will present "Friday Football Focus", a weekly look at the games involving UCLA's committed prospects and remaining targets. Here is the master schedule for the 2007 season...

With UCLA's recruiting class of 2008 just about done, its time to watch those commits in action, as well as those prospects the Bruin staff is still targeting.

Last year, we debuted Friday Night Lights, a weekly look at UCLA targets, and their high school teams.

This year, we're presenting a season long look at the high school football schedule of each of the Bruin commits and UCLA's remaining targets, in Friday Football Focus.

The high school season kicks off in a limited way this weekend, with more games next week in what's considered "Week Zero". The official Week One of the season kicks off the weekend of September 7th.

Here are the high schools that UCLA has commitments from or has an in-state target: Arcadia (Kevan Walker), Birmingham (Donovan Carter & Milton Knox), Colton (Damien Holmes), Compton (Datone Jones), Chino Hills (Cory Harkey), Crenshaw (Kemonte Bateman & *Clint Floyd), Crespi (E.J. Woods & *Kevin Prince), Culver City (Antwon Moutra), Dominguez (Aaron Hester), Dorsey (Rahim Moore & Johnathan Franklin), El Camino of Oceanside (Nelson Rosario), Fresno Edison (Robert Golden), Hart (Patrick Larimore), Harvard-Westlake (Jonathan Martin), Hemet (*Hamani Stevens), Huntington Beach Edison (Nick Crissman), Katy (Aundre Dean), Leuzinger (Uona Kaveinga), McClymonds (*Allen Carroll), Mission Viejo (Jeff Baca), Mountain Ridge (Jeff Locke), Palmdale (Connor Bradford), Santiago (Anthony Dye), St. Bonaventure (*Darrell Scott & *Vaughn Dotsy), Taft (*Craig Noble), Troy (Derrick Coleman), Valencia (Marlon Pollard- ‘09) and Venice (Jerry Johnson).

All games are listed on Friday's unless otherwise noted (Check CalPreps or MaxPreps for Kickoff Time).

Week Zero (August 24th):
Madera at Fresno Edison

Week Zero (August 31st):
Birmingham at Crespi
Compton at Chino (9/1)
Dominguez at Corona Centennial
Dorsey at Fremont, Utah (9/1)
Fresno Edison at Bakersfield North
Klein at Katy
Leuzinger at Lawndale
Merced at Crenshaw
Mission Hills at El Camino
Mission Viejo vs. Moeller in Cincinnati (9/1)
Murrieta Valley at Santiago
Pasadena at Harvard-Westlake
St. Bonaventure at Santa Margarita
Sunnyside at Mountain Ridge
Venice at San Fernando

Week One (September 7th):
Atascadero at St. Bonaventure
Brea Olinda at Troy
Colton at Bloomington
Crespi at Kennedy
Diamond Ranch at Chino Hills
Dominguez at Pasadena
Fresno Edison at Modesto
Harvard-Westlake at Van Nuys
Jordan at Dorsey
Leuzinger at Legacy, Colo.
Long Beach Poly at Birmingham
Moorpark at Hart
Mountain Ridge at Cesar Chavez
Norco at Crenshaw
Palm Springs at Hemet
Palo Alto at McClymonds
Redondo at Mission Viejo
San Clemente at Huntington Beach Edison
Santiago at Servite (9/8)
St. Bernard at Culver City
St. Francis at Arcadia
Sweetwater at El Camino
Taft at Venice
The Woodlands at Katy
Valencia at Palmdale
Verbum Dei at Compton

Week Two (September 14th):
Arcadia at Monrovia
Birmingham at Valencia
Bishop Amat at Hart
Burbank Burroughs at Harvard-Westlake
Canyon at St. Bonaventure
Clovis West at Fresno Edison
Compton at Hawthorne
Corona Centennial at Crespi on FSN PT
Crenshaw at Dominguez
El Camino at Monte Vista
Hemet at Indio
Huntington Beach Edison at L.A. Jordan
Katy at A&M Consolidated
Kennedy at Palmdale
La Costa Canyon at Mission Viejo
Leuzinger at Norco
McClymonds at Pinole Valley
Mountain Ridge at Skyline
Point Loma at Culver City
Redlands East Valley at Colton
San Gorgonio at Chino Hills
Santa Margarita at Dorsey
Santiago at La Sierra
Troy at Corona del Mar
Westchester at Taft

Week Three (September 21st):
Chino Hills at Tesoro (9/20)
Clovis Buchanan at Fresno Edison
Colton at La Quinta
Crenshaw at Roosevelt
Dominguez at Redlands East Valley
Don Lugo at Troy
Fremont at Compton
Gardena at Culver City (9/22)
Hemet at San Bernardino
Katy at A&M Consolidated
Lynwood at Arcadia (9/20)
Mission Viejo at Vista
Mountain Ridge at Pinnacle (9/20)
Notre Dame at Birmingham on ESPN2 (9/20)
Palmdale at Burbank Burroughs
Poway at El Camino (9/20)
Santa Monica at Venice
Santiago at Temescal Canyon
Servite at Huntington Beach Edison (9/20)
St. Bonaventure at Oaks Christian on FSN
Taft at Granada Hills Kennedy (9/20)
Valencia at Orange Lutheran (9/20)
Westlake at Hart (9/20)

Week Four (September 28th):
Alief Taylor at Katy (9/29)
Banning at Taft
Birmingham at Dorsey
Birmingham at Dorsey
Burbank at Arcadia
Carson at Harvard-Westlake
Chaparral at Santiago
Chino Hills at Etiwanda
Colton at Marina (9/27)
Crenshaw at Culver City
Diamond Bar at Troy (9/27)
El Camino at Rancho Buena Vista
Hart at Claremont
Hawthorne at Leuzinger
Huntington Beach Edison at Mater Dei
Long Beach Cabrillo at Compton
Loyola at Dominguez
McClymonds at Madera
Palm Desert at Hemet
Palmdale at Quartz Hill
St. Bonaventure at Crespi
St. Bonaventure at Crespi
St. John Bosco at Valencia
Tolleson at Mountain Ridge
Venice at Oaks Christian

Week Five (October 5th):
Arcadia at Glendale Hoover
Banning at Venice
Crespi at Canyon (10/4)
De La Salle at Mission Viejo (10/6) on FSN
Dorsey at Hamilton
El Camino at Mt. Carmel
Hemet at Cathedral City
Katy at Katy Taylor (10/6)
Knight at Palmdale
La Canada at Harvard-Westlake
Long Beach Wilson at Compton
Los Osos at Colton
Loyola at Hart
McClymonds at Richmond Salesian (10/6)
Redondo at Culver City
San Fernando at Taft
Sanger at Fresno Edison
Schurr at Leuzinger
Silverado at Chino Hills
St. John Bosco at Santiago
Troy at Garden Grove Pacifica
Valencia at Westchester
Yuma at Mountain Ridge

Week Six (October 12th):
Alemany at Crespi
Alief Hastings at Katy
Aliso Niguel at Mission Viejo
Arcadia at Glendale (10/11)
Cajon at Colton
Chatsworth at Birmingham
Chino Hills at Chino
Culver City at Inglewood
Dorsey at Fremont
Fresno Edison at Fresno Hoover
Gahr at Dominguez
Golden Valley at Valencia
Hart at Canyon on FSN PT
Harvard-Westlake at St. Bernard
Leuzinger at Palos Verdes
Locke at Crenshaw
Los Alamitos at Huntington Beach Edison
McClymonds at Fremont
Mountain Point at Mountain Ridge
Norco at Santiago
Palmdale at Antelope Valley
Perris at Hemet
Taft at Woodland Hills El Camino
Troy at La Habra
Ventura at St. Bonaventure
Vista at El Camino
Westchester at Venice

Week Seven (October 19th):
Birmingham at Woodland Hills El Camino
Buena Park at Troy
Carlsbad at El Camino
Colton at San Gorgino
Compton at Long Beach Jordan
Corona Centennial at Santiago
Crespi at St. Paul
Desert Mountain at Mountain Ridge
Dorsey at Crenshaw
Downey at Dominguez
Fresno Edison at Bullard
Glendora at Chino Hills
Hamilton at Venice
Hart at West Ranch
Harvard-Westlake at L.A. Cathedral
Hemet at Paloma Valley
Huntington Beach Edison at Marina
Katy at Katy Morton Ranch (10/20)
Littlerock at Palmdale
Mission Viejo at San Clemente
Morningside at Culver City
Pasadena at Arcadia
Peninsula at Leuzinger
Santa Barbara at St. Bonaventure
Skyline at McClymonds
Taft at Granada Hills
Valencia at Saugus

Week Eight (October 26th):
Arcadia at Muir
Bishop Amat at Crespi
Castlemont at McClymonds
Chino Hills at Ayala
Colton at San Bernardino Pacific
Compton at Millikan
Crenshaw at Jefferson
Dana Hills at Mission Viejo
Dominguez at Paramount
Dorsey at Locke (10/25)
Dos Pueblos at St. Bonaventure
Eastside at Palmdale
Fresno Edison at Reedley
Granada Hills at Birmingham
Hemet at Elsinore
Huntington Beach Edison at Esperanza (10/25)
Katy Cinco Ranch at Katy (10/28)
Leuzinger at Redondo
Mountain Ridge at St. Mary's
Santa Monicat at Culver City
Santiago at Canyon Springs
Serra at Harvard-Westlake (10/27)
Taft at Cleveland
Troy at Sonora
University at Venice
Valencia at Hart

Week Nine (November 2nd):
Arroyo Valley at Colton
Bosco Tech at Harvard-Westlake
Burroughs at Arcadia
Chatsworth at Taft
Chino Hills at Diamond Bar
Cleveland at Birmingham
Crespi at Loyola (11/3)
Culver City at Hawthorne
Dominguez at Lynwood
El Camino at Fallbrook
Golden Valley at Hart
Huntington Beach Edison at Fountain Valley
Jefferson at Dorsey
Katy at Alief Elsik (11/3)
Lakeside at Hemet
Long Beach Poly at Compton
Manual Arts at Crenshaw
McClymonds at Oakland (11/3)
Mira Costa at Leuzinger
Mission Viejo at Capistrano Valley
Mountain Ridge at Brophy Prep
Palmdale at Highland
San Joaquin Memorial at Fresno Edison
St. Bonaventure at San Marcos
Troy at Fullerton
Venice at Palisades
West Ranch at Valencia

Week Ten (November 9th):
Arcadia vs. La Crescenta at Glendale (11/8)
Birmingham at Taft
Canyon at Valencia
Chino Hills at Damien (11/8)
Colton at San Bernardino
Compton at Lakewood
Crenshaw at Fremont
Crespi at Notre Dame
Culver City at Beverly Hills
Downey at Dominguez
Harvard-Westlake at Bishop Montgomery
Huntington Beach Edison at Newport Harbor (11/8)
Katy Mayde Creek at Katy
Lancaster at Palmdale
Leuzinger at West Torrance
Manual Arts at Dorsey
Oakland Tech at McClymonds (11/10)
Oceanside at El Camino
Santiago at Corona
Saugus at Hart
St. Bonaventure at Buena (11/8)
Tesoro at Mission Viejo
Troy vs. Sunny Hills
Venice at Fairfax
West Valley at Hemet

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