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Here's a quick look at some of the bits of football news, stats and notes from Monday at UCLA...

This is a quick look at some of the bits of news from Monday. The exerpts from Bob Toledo's press conference will be posted later today:

The players of the game for the San Diego State game were: Mike Seidman, offense; Ricky Manning, defense; and Matt Clark, special teams.

Toledo said of Seidman: "We've always been trying to get him the ball. We've thrown to his position numerous times, but we always don't get it there. We've tried to get Mike Seidman the ball and I was particularly pleased in this game we did get it to him and he made some nice plays. He had an excellent game. He's doing a great job of leading our football team."

He said of Ricky Manning: "Ricky Manning had one of his better games of his career. He did a great job of holding that guy (J.R. Tolver) to three catches. And one of the catches wasn't when he was lined up against him. And he had a great interception."

Of Matt Clark: "There were plenty of good performances on specials teams, but we thought we had to give it to Matt Clark. We felt that the blocked punt was a big momentum change."

Significant Stats:

-- UCLA is the only team in the nation that hasn't lost a fumble. It has fumbled eight times. Combining that with the fact that UCLA has thrown only three interceptions gives the Bruins the best turnover margin in the Pac-10 and the fourth-best in the nation.

-- Cory Paus's passing efficiency ranking (133) doesn't look good when you see that it's 9th in the Pac-10. But it looks quite a bit better when you see that it's ranked 40th in the country.

-- UCLA's pass efficiency defense (94.4 rating) is 3rd in the Pac-10 and 16th in the NCAA.

-- Spencer Havner led the Bruins with 10 tackles against San Diego State. The redshirt freshman linebacker has 30 tackles on the year and is tied with linebacker Marcus Reese for the team lead.

Cory Paus has a lucky hat. Paus attends the weekly Monday press conference to speak to the media before Head Coach Bob Toledo. He wore the hat the Monday before the Colorado State and Oklahoma State games and the team won. He didn't wear the hat the week before the Colorado game and the team lost. Monday, Paus appeared at the weekly press conference once again in the same hat. "Hey, I'm not superstitious," Paus said. "But why mess with it if it works?"

The Big "OR": Manuel White on the depth chart has been rewarded with the signicant "OR." Previously White was listed as the #2 tailback on the depth chart. This week, UCLA added an "OR" behind Akil Harris's name, meaning that Harris and White are both considered starters.

Other "OR" beneficiaries are: J.D. Groves at starting fullback. Groves is now listed as a co-starter with White. And three freshmen tailbacks have two "ORs" by their names, meaning that all three, Tyler Ebell, Wendell Mathis and Jason Harrison, are considered third string equally.

-- The Oregon game October 12th at the Rose Bowl has been moved to 12:30 p.m. and will be telecast by ABC.

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