Dorrell After Monday Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked after practice Monday about how the new back-ups at quarterback, running back and fullback are doing in practice, what to expect from Stanford, and the practice plan for the week...

Karl Dorrell's opening statement:


"Good practice. We did kind of our normal Tuesday, which is a heavy day, which is a lot of stuff. Scout periods, a lot of special teams stuff. We finished up with some competitive stuff against each other. And we ran a little bit, so we did it all trying to get ourselves ready for a great game. It was good work today. We'll put together another tight practice again tomorrow like we did today. Then taper back from that point. It was good work today."


How is McLeod Bethel-Thompson looking taking the two reps?


"He looks good. He really does. He knows what he's doing. You can tell his confidence gets better and better the more reps he gets. I know that sounds kind of cliché, but it is for him. He hasn't had many reps in camp until this injury happened with Pat Cowan, and now all of a sudden he's getting all of these reps and he's not making the same mistake twice. He's actually getting better and better each time. He's going to be ready to go. I feel comfortable with him as my two, I mentioned that in the press conference. He's gonna know what to do."


Have you decided on a third quarterback for Stanford?


"We had Osaar Rasshan taking some snaps in the pre-practice just to get him familiar with that as an emergency plan. There's still a chance that we could take Chris Forcier. We'll probably have a better idea by Thursday. We just want to explore all the avenues we have."


What is unknown about Stanford?


"You haven't seen those guys play in uniform to put anything on tape. Everything's speculation right now. We don't know exactly what they're going to be in, or what they're going to do. We kind of can research the coaches and what they've done in the past but that's the unknown. We don't know by the time they take the field what exactly they'll line up in."


Any particular area that you're focusing on?


"It's every area. Special teams, they may line up in some different punt looks. They kind of have the advantage moreso than we do. They know a little bit more about our defense than we know about their defense. We are probably pretty similar offensively, both Stanford and ourselves. I think the advantage is for them, no one really knows what they've done."


Is Christian Ramirez ready to play?


"He's getting ready. He's taking the three reps. We're getting him ready to play given if that's the situation that unfolds. We're trying to cover our bases."


Are he and Fred Holmes staying on offense?


"Yeah. They need to continue to develop and learn our offensive schemes. They're doing a really nice job."

The depth chart said Chris Markey or Kahlil Bell would be the starter. Is that still up in the air?


"No, if you guys look at the media guide. It says the same thing. You've had the information since July. We feel pretty good about those guys. They're both going to play a considerable amount, and that's how it works."


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