Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks more about the likelihood of new running back Christian Ramirez and fullback Fred Holmes seeing the field Saturday, along with a new approach to the wide receiver rotation, Raymond Carter's surgery and more...

Karl Dorrell talked to reporters after practice Tuesday.

Is Osaar Rasshan (who had concussive symptoms) going to wear the red jersey for much longer?

"He's going to be cleared tomorrow. The doctors said they wanted to keep him in it one more day to make sure that he is clearly having no more signs of anything. So he will be in white tomorrow."

Do you expect him to be out there on the field this weekend?

"He'll get a chance to play. I don't have a set number of plays for him. He's playing behind three experienced seniors, and he'll get a chance to get a taste of playing. It won't be anything significant. It'll be his first college experience. It's his first college game, so it'll be fun for him to get his feet wet."

Do you feel Christian Ramirez and Fred Holmes will be up to speed enough by Saturday?

"Sure. We do. We feel pretty good about that. It's still early in the week. We still have a couple of more days of preparation. And they did a nice job with physical work this week. We'll keep repping them and getting them some work, but they'll be ready to play."

Is it a little harder for Holmes to get ready with Pitre out and him being two on the depth chart?

"Well, both those guys are in very similar circumstances. Ramirez right now is the third tailback so you never know what happens there, and the same thing with fullback. We don't use the fullback as much as the tailback, but Holmes is in our depth there, too. It'd be nice to see all those guys get a chance to play, and we'll see if that's going to happen."

Do you see the receiver rotation working pretty much the same as last year?

"No. We're going to play with our vets mostly, and the other guys will spell. That's the plan."

Limited to 64 guys in the first game, are you worried about stamina and fatigue?

"No, it just looks better with 80 guys on the sideline instead of 64, because they'll have 80 to 100 and we'll only have 64. It just looks like they have a bigger group. It isn't really a factor from that standpoint. We're in pretty good shape. The guys have done a great job in the offseason. They're freshening up their legs right now. You can even tell these last couple of practices that they are starting to look sharper and sharper. We'll be ready to go and all that hard work over the summer, that's when that will pay off for them."

How did Raymond Carter's surgery go?

"Raymond had a successful surgery today. Everything went well. I got the post-op report from the trainer just before stretch. So he went in at 11:30 and was done somewhere around 2 or 2:30. He's doing fine."

Was it just the ACL or did they find anything else in there?

"It was some other things, but it was insignificant other than the ACL. He should have a full recovery."

Have you made a decision on walk-ons and scholarships?

"Not yet. We'll probably do something before the end of this week. The walk-ons (in the program) have come along way since I've been here. The quality of players is night and day. It's not even close to what it was when I started here in 2003, which is really a testament to the kids that are here and the hard work they've put in developing. They're deserving. I've got about six guys that are deserving. Unfortunately I don't have that many (scholarships)."

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