Dorrell on Tuesday Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked after practice Tuesday about how the team looked, how the defense responded, how the offense has gained confidence, Korey Bosworth's performance against Stanford and he provides update on some of the injured...

There are reports that Brian Price, the freshman defensive tackle who has been ineligible so far this fall, could be cleared this week.

Sources close to the situation have indicated that the situation has improved, but the timeline for him to be deemed eligible and able to play could be longer than this week.

There is a time issue in this also. If Price isn't deemed eligible and doesn't return to the team by the time school starts, which is Thursday, September 27th, he is a free agent and able to be recruited by other programs.

Redshirt defensive tackle Darius Savage has been moved to offensive line.

Ben Olson was named the Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Week.

Karl Dorrell commented after practice Tuesday.

"Good, hard work today. We're emphasizing a lot of things to get corrected from what happened in the game. I liked what we did defensively today. The attention to detail was important. I liked how we ended the practice, being competitive on both sides and both guys jawing at each other. I like that. You can tell the offense has confidence now going against the defense and obviously the defense is confident in their abilities. It's good to do that type of work. It was a good Tuesday.

"Rodney Van did a little bit of stuff today, but we're going to give him another day's rest just to get him ready to go by the end of the week. He should be fine. Nikola Dragovic had a little bit of the internal, bad stomach so he had to go do what he needed to do. Jerzy Sierwierski, his arch fell or something. He kind of felt a little twinge in his arch in the early part of practice and he was in there icing it so they decided to hold him out for the rest of practice. He should be fine. I don't think anyone else fell out."

How did Chane Moline look today?

"He looked okay. You can tell he hasn't practice in a while. A couple of times he stumbled with his footwork and stuff like that. He needs to get himself back to running through the line of scrimmage and getting bumped sometimes, but he looked okay. We'll see what happens at the end of the week. He looked like the brace and splint wasn't that bad."

You think the defense is a little pissed about how they played at Stanford?

"Yeah, they're a little ornery today and I like that. There's a standard we're expecting to play. Overall they played well, but they understand that there were a couple of issues that came up that really bit us a little bit. I liked the attitude today. It was workmen's attitude today."

Looking at the film, beyond the two sacks how did Korey Bosworth play?

"Korey played well. You probably didn't notice anything else, but if it wasn't for him on one of the tackles he made in the game they might have broken for a 30 yarder right up the middle of the field and he kind of folded back up the middle and made the play. I was really impressed with how he played. He played with a lot of consciousness of the use of technique. And made some good plays throughout the game when he was in there. I thought Jerzy played well. I thought Jess Ward played well. I'm really encouraged with the depth of that d-line. We've got a lot of guys there who can help us."

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