OSU's Erickson Comments

The Beaver head coach, Dennis Erickson, talks about last week's loss against USC, and how his team will react this week in a critical game against UCLA...

Oregon State Head Coach Dennis Erickson said the best thing about their lopsided loss last week against USC is perhaps it got their young quarterback, Derek Anderson, some experience. Erickson said, "Derek got hit. He's young and he hasn't played. I don't know if you grow until bad things start happening to you. He had plenty of time to throw the first three or four games, then last week he got pressured and hit. To me that's a learning process."

While UCLA could probably start a backup at an offensive tackle position, Oregon State is down to a third-string option at one of its offensive tackle positions. The Beavers first lost its starting tackle, junior Brian Kilkenny. Then last week, his backup, Lee Davis was injured against USC. Jake Pratt, a redshirt freshman, stepped in during the second half of the USC game. For the UCLA game, Mike Kuykendall, a two-year starter at left guard, to left tackle. David Lose, a backup guard, will take Kuykendall's starting guard spot. "We just have to get our best five out there," Erickson said. "It might be a couple of different combinations. But when you have to move some guys, you're weakening yourself at a couple of different positions."

Oregon State's cornerback Dennis Weathersby is considered one of the best at his position in the country. Erickson talked about what Weathersby can do for you: "We feel we can put him on someone and he's not going to win every down but he'll win most of them. It helps you load up in the secondary as far as other people are concerned. He's a big asset."

Erickson said he believed that this week game against UCLA is a critical one for this year's Beaver team. "I hate to say one week is critical to a while season – I mean, that's kind of ridiculous to say because it's not necessarily true all the time. But this is a critical week. I expect our players to bounce back. This team has good chemistry and good character, and I know they'll react to it. When you lose a game, that's when it's a test. And the test is – do you bounce back and play hard and make adjustments that are needed to be made."

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