Dorrell After Practice Tuesday

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked after practice Tuesday about the status of Brigham Harwell, Patrick Cowan, Brandon Breazell and others, and how the team looked today in its preparation for Utah. We also have some sources on Harwell's injury...

Karl Dorrell's opening comments Tuesday:

 ‘'Good practice. It wasn't a great practice, but a good practice. We've got some guys that are a little nicked up. You saw some guys that did not practice today – you know about Brigham (Harwell). He had no other structures damaged in his knee, but he has a similar injury that Ben (Olson) had last year, so it's a MCL tear. It's not a complete tear, but it has to scar over for it to heal, so it's at least a month or so before he's ready to play.

‘'Brandon Breazell, as you know, went through practice He had some dental surgery, so he won't have any contact for a couple of days. (Nikola) Dragovic was cleared today with his exertion test from his concussion, but he has to have 24 hours clearance, so he'll be practicing tomorrow and that's why he wasn't practicing today. Aaron Whittington was nauseous and not feeling well, they think he has flu-like viral symptoms, so he did not practice today.

‘'Lockett with his hamstring, he's out for this game. It's not a bad hamstring injury, but he will not be ready for this game.''

How did Pat Cowan look?

‘'Pat looked good. It looked like he could have practiced a full practice today. We'll get him doing more tomorrow. He wants to do more. I think he even surprised himself with how good he feels. He was good and warmed up when he came out, he had a chance to do some stuff, some drills and footwork and he feels good. He feels good, so we'll integrate him back into practice here tomorrow."

Did he have any tightness doing anything?

‘'No, he felt good today. I'm sure he's tight now that he's cooled down, but he felt good. He felt better than he was expecting to feel."

What do you need to see before you can make a decision whether he can go this week?

‘'Oh, about a week of practice time. He's still a ways (away). We're going to probably go into the game just like our first two games with (McLeod Bethel-Thomspon) being our two. But we'll get him practicing and back in the fold.''

How did Jess Ward look?

‘'Jess has played really well. He's a seasoned player. He played some snaps last year and he's playing some good snaps for this team. We feel that he's ready to go. He's been waiting for an opportunity like this and now he has it and we're anticipating that he'll play very well.''

BRO has sources that are indicating Harwell's injury could be a complete tear of his MCL, which would be considerably worse that what Dorrell indicated in his post-practice comments.

A complete tear would keep him out significantly longer than just four weeks, possibly six weeks or more.

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